How does Let Trade work?

  1. This probably sounds like a stupid question but how exactly does let trade work???
  2. What do you mean by work?
  3. Simple you just click the buy me button- thats easy
  4. I think he means, how the business is run (like where the source of the bags is). My guess is he's an online consignment business, where people sell their bags to him and he turns them around for profit.
  5. What about the ones that you have to inquire for the pricing?
  6. From what I understand, they are a Consignment Shop. Whatever is not sold right away in-store, is placed first in their online store and then from there it goes to eBay.
  7. I always thought that he acted as a consignment shop, people take bags they want to sell, he sells it for them, he puts a price on it, and he gets part of the profit? :shrugs:
  8. I buy stuff, they send it to me, I go "yay!" LOL
    I love let-trade.
  9. I think the ones to inquire about are the ones that are limited or a really high value. Maybe he gauges people's responses and entertains different offers, but couldn't tell you for sure.
  10. I think there is an actual shop in HK. I think annemerrick was there!!!:nuts:
  11. ^^ Ohhhh - what a wonderful store that would be!!
  12. I have another you add the shipping cost to the price of the bag? Or is it included?
  13. It's included.
  14. Yeah he owns a resale shop in HK.
  15. Thanks Irene - that's great to know!