How does Let-Trade ship?

  1. Hi guys,
    I was wondering when you guys shop from let-trade, how do they ship? Via fed-ex, or regular mail? I was wondering, because I just checked my email, which my mom alsos uses and I found something from them saying they were going to ship something to my mom. So that got me thinking, I think it is my Christmas gift! lol! Anyways, do you know what carrier they use, thanks!
  2. when i bought my bag from let-trade, i paid for EMS (express) and it came through USPS.
  3. Same here... super fast too.
  4. Same here!
  5. yes super fast. i was amazed!
  6. Thanks guys! Now, I can't wait to get it! lol! I think it is my pochette, she told me about!
  7. Mine have come very quickly through the USPS and you have to sign for the package.