How does JAX send repairs back to you....

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  1. is it fedex, ups or usps? I found out monday mine will be coming back within the next week all fixed up, now I am so anxious to get her back!
  2. I got my wallet back from coach repair via fed ex today. I don't really like the way they went about fixing the snap that wouldn't snap. They just bent the little wire thing inside the snap and it's well...bent and looks weak. I thought they'd replace the snap. We'll see how it holds. I could have done that at home but I didn't want to ruin the warranty or whatever.
  3. Thanks for the reply, did they send you a tracking or do you just have to wait patiently?
  4. My recent repair was returned to me today, also via FedEx. My SA called me last week to tell me that the repair was complete and that I should receive it in 8-10 days. I didn't get a tracking number but I bet you could call JAX to get one.
  5. I just had to wait patiently when I had a bag repaired. I just sent another one in last week for stitch repair.
  6. Coach only uses FedEx and yes, if you want tracking you will need to call CS to get that from them.
  7. No, I didn't ever receive a tracking number and no SA has ever called me about either of my repairs. In fact, the other one that was sent in at the same time, a satchel handbag with popped stitches, is still not in their system and it's been five weeks. I called JAX to ask about that and that's what they said.