******, how does it work???

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  1. OK - don't think I'm nuts!!! I shop online nearly everyday, I do not use ******. What is it? How does it work? Free? Whats the catch? Have you used it???
  2. ****** is awesome! I learned about it through here! I shop online a lot so it's perfect! It's free, there's no catch! Just sign up and each time you do your online shopping you have to go through ****** to access the site you will be shopping at. For example if you're buying from Neiman Marcus, you first have to go to ******.com them click on NM's site through there. Hope I made sense! Good luck!

  3. You must use ******!! It costs nothing, you get no spam from them, and all you have to do is go to ****** as the "gateway" to your other shoppping.

    Sometimes you have to tweak you computer, for example I have to disable norton antivirus for a minute to get to some of the stores, but I havent had any problems.

    happy shopping!!
  4. Hi All,
    I feel like i missed something why is yhe word ****** now like saying Voldemort? Are we not allowed to talk about it? and why? Im confused and seriously out of the loop
  5. it's x'd out because it's prohibited here.
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