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  1. Hi all of you hermes experts,
    even though i'm probably years away from my first birkin, i'm still wondering how does it work? i gathered that you don't walk into the hermes shop and just buy it. i guess many of you have already bought one. please tell me how it works, even though i won't be able to buy one soon, at least i can dream.
  2. Hi Pony,

    You're from my beloved hometown!!!

    The best is that you go to your local Hermes boutique and ask the question there. One thing is for sure: once you put your name on the 'list', you bettere have the cash in the bank to buy the bag because the call that your bag has arrived can come sooner (a couple of weeks/months) or later (whenever....).

    Unless you're a VIP, there really is no rule to how it works, it depends largely on the store's policy. You may be lucky and get a Birkin because they just happen to have one this nanosecond - or you may be not.

    If you are serious about getting a Birkin then the best bet is still to go to Paris directly. Many members here have scored Birkins from the mothership.

    Don't be shy, just ask your storemanager or the Sales Assistant (SA) how it works, especially if you're still years away. It is important that they view you as a long-term customer who is not only interested in Birkins but in all Hermes products. So pop into the store every now and then and buy a little something, like a scarf or so. Sooner or later it will happen....
  3. As hello2703 said, it really depends on your relationship with your store, luck and timing. I got my first birkin within like 12 hours I decided I wanted Birkin(my parents have really good relationship with their Hermes store...That helped alot for sure...). You never might find a Birkin from visiting Hermes only one time...

    Some people wait for years, but if you really look for one, you will find it;) :yes: !
  4. i am so glad this thread is here because i was thinking the same thing. I am also years and years away but for now i will start small and establish a good relationship for the day when i will be ready :girlsigh: .
  5. Thank you for your help. I must say I fell very encouraged by this community to ccomplete my dream (and save money...) and work for my birkin!
  6. Don't worry girl! When your ready I'll introduce you to my SA!!!

  7. you are too sweet!!!!thanks!!!
  8. Bagg, i want to know your SA too.. hehe... gosh, still saving up for that birkin for mine... oh...........
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