How does it work with new Chloe's release each year?

Jul 23, 2006
I've checked all the reputable websites and it appears that most of the '07 Chloes are sold out. Yet, it is only mid-year. When will the '08 Chloes be released and do they typically sell out within the first few months?

Will stores replenish their '07 supply or must I look to ebay?? I don't really want to do this because I am afraid of fakes.

I did notice that NAP still had the bag that I am interested in. I am only looking for the medium paddy satchel. :yes: Thanks.

Sorry, but I am a total newbie to Chloe. But, the leather is tdf. :heart:


Jan 11, 2007
There were quite a few '07's on up to a few days ago. :yes: They may get more, you have to check all the time. :graucho: Bluefly has paddys too, but they go fast. It's just a matter of really being diligent. Nordstrom will hunt them down for you among the stock in their stores, and Neiman Marcus gets the mediums as well as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, etc. My problem has always been that I find TOO MANY that I want!!! :yahoo: