How does it look like? This Chanel

  1. Hi girls, would appreciate very much if you could help. My friend from HK wanted me to search the below bag from Paris or London, as it's out of stock in HK. With blank knowledge of Chanel, I am worried even I bring the below info to the shop, I will buy the wrong one. Do you know this bag? Would you be able to find a picture for me so that I can bring it with me when I go to the shops. Any comments please let me know, Thanks a million!!:yahoo:

    Chanel:Timeless Classic ( black )
    A28600 in Buffalo leather with diamond pattern
    It is with a silver chain along the leather belt for the large size.
    However, it is preferrable to get a golden chain instead if they have.
  2. Please help me anyone?:crybaby:
  3. Thanks very much Chanelspell, this info helps a lot! I didnt even know where 2 look....thanks!!!
  4. I think what she means is Black Jumbo Caviar flap(Caviar is the leather). You can search for black jumbo caviar in this forum. There are alot of tpfer who post this pic.
  5. But she said buffalo leather? Do Chanel make bags in this leather?
  6. buffalo leather? I have never heard of a buffalo Chanel bag:nogood:

    eta: ooops, I posted before seeing your post honeybunch.
  7. could she have meant calfskin maybe a translation error???:confused1:
  8. ^^ I was thinking that too... Buffalo could mean Calf, I suppose.