How does it feel to be a Michigan fan today?

  1. Hugs & Kisses from your friendly Buckeye neighbor.
  2. Ohh Vlad!!! :amuse:

    Come out come out M fans!!
  3. Ugh.
  4. <choking>...
  5. Oh Vlad you are good man! I'm not a Michigan fan, but I thought it was hilarious they lost because I imagined you would be really happy abou tthat!
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Vlad, that is tooooo much! :lol: Who on earth expected that to happen? They were actually picked in some polls to play in the N. Championship.
  7. That's not gonna happen now, I am afraid.

    I am still shocked that happened. I've had much respect for the Blue for years, but this takes the freakin' cake.
  8. Haha! Vlad I am a Spartan so I was especially excited to hear that they lost to Appalachian State. Our brand new coach is Mark D'Antonio so hopefully we'll be able to beat them too!
  9. :mad::rant::censor::devil:


    My feelings for the day.
  10. My BFF is a Michigan fanatic. He was SOOOO pissed. I'm actually not gonna talk to him for a couple of days cause he's gonna be shi**y mood.
  11. Who cares how Michigan fans feel? The rest of us in the Big 10 are having a grand old time :party:

    J/k of course! Illinois football is so dismal that the only thing we have to root for is Michigan losing to someone.
  12. Go Spartans! Go MSU!

    (another alumni here)
  13. Crazy. I know Appalachian State is on cloud 9!

    And what about the Maryland player not being able to play due to academic eligibity. Couldn't they have cleared that up over the summer (or did they try)?
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    OSU :heart::heart::heart:
  15. HAAAAAhahaha. it was a beautiful day in college football.

    and also, normally i hate georgia tech, but today, i'm part yellow jacket, because i TRULY hate notre dame and their over-hyped, under-performing football program. 33-3 is a pretty sound beating!

    and as always, it was a BEAUTIFUL night between the hedges in Athens, Georgia! gooooooo dawgs! 35-14 over Oklahoma State, and Uga (our bulldog mascot) tried to attack no fewer than 4 ESPN employees working on the field. he's not a very friendly boy :angel:.

    and OUTKAST and GNARLS BARKLEY were at our game! they showed them on the jumbotron, cheering on the sidelines, and then afterwards, my roommate and i saw them pulling out of downtown Athens - two in a Rolls Royce Phantom, the other two in a four-door Bentley! NOT the kind of cars you normally see parked on the bar-lined streets of downtown Athens!