How does Hermes feel about customers buying from resellers?

  1. I'm about to make a trip out of state to visit the Hermes closest to me and meet my new SA--lots of turnover at the store over the last few years. While I know Hermes definitely frowns upon and blacklists certain customers who buy to resell, I was just curious to see if Hermes frowns upon customers buying bags from re-sellers. Three out of the four bags I own came from reputable it best not to mention this? Or just say they came from private sellers? I'm just concerned I'm going to leak it out during conversation when looking at swatches, and clearly I only have one bag on my customer file--which is the bag I plan to bring. Anyone know if it's an issue in how they perceive their customer?
  2. Not good, don't say a word!
  3. I agree. Don't tell them you bought from a reseller. They don't like resellers in general and when my friend mentioned reseller to the boutique (it slipped out), they kept asking her who the resellers were. It was quite embarrassing for her.
  4. your customer file may vary depending on the store location. i know that i have a different customer ID number since moving from one coast to another. so just because you only have one bag on file doesn't mean that you couldn't have gotten your other bags elsewhere (i.e. another Hermes store). definitely would not mention buying from reseller.
  5. couldn't you just say it was a gift?:shrugs:
  6. Thanks for your input ladies. That's an excellent point about the different customer IDs--hopefully they won't ask about the origin of other bags...I may bring my vintage Kelly in to get a raincoat for it.
  7. Another good point; although I am the worst liar on the face of this earth--it shows up on my face immediately. :wtf:
  8. Maybe you can say you bought them from Europe. Just my two cents :smile:
  9. Like Swanky said, you could always say it was a gift. ;)

    When I went to SF they asked where I got my Evelyne because they knew I didn't get it there. :lol: DH got it from SCP, which is what I told them. :amuse:

    That being said, I think it stinks that they hold it against you because what if you want a vintage bag? Where else would you get one unless you were lucky enough to have one handed down to you? :shrugs:
  10. It depends what bag you buy from a reseller:

    - if it is a vintage (perhaps over 10 years), I think they'd be understanding
    - if it's under 5 years, you could concievably get a similar one from the store, so they'd be pissed

    When in doubt, say it's a gift! :flowers:
  11. a gift from DH is always a good answer.
  12. Like this one, gives you the air of world traveller:P Inherited it is another favorite. :flowers:
  13. You could also say that you got it at a life auction in France (Like Gross-Delettrez, for instance).
  14. Good one!
  15. You could say your husband/relative found it in a consignment store in Europe, that way you don't know any of the details .... it was just a gift
    or you could just turn around and say
    *excuse me??* in a certain tone .... I am not sure why some of the SA's want to know where you buy your products .... regardless of where you have bought them, to be honest unless you have a very very good and close relationship with your SA, its not really any of their business and I find it a very bizare question.