how does hailey compare to groovy? and color poll...

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Which Hailey should I get?

  1. Lurex "C" Silver

  2. Lurex Ocelot

  3. Neither, I'd suggest instead...

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    i have the groovy but shes a tad small, i need to fit diapers and wipes as well... so how do they compare in size, and what color would you suggest goes well for everyday? i m looking at lurex op art or ocelot...

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  2. I like the ocelot better, but for everyday i would say the silver one!!!
  3. I would say neither, only because you won't have much room to spare..I'm in the same boat with having to carry diaper, sm. wipey box, and pullups,(potty training, yeah)..Any ways, I ended up getting the Lg. siggy Zoe in khaki/mahogony and love it..It holds Alot...But as far as a tote, Poppy has some nice Glam totes at the outlets right now...Good Luck;)
  4. I don't own either so I can't give you advice about the size, but I would go with the Ocelot since it is darker. If you intend to use it crossbody I would go with a darker color in case of color transfer. Plus the print is very pretty! I don't know if you have looked at the Poppy Pocket Hobo, but it is pretty lightweight and can hold a lot of stuff in it.
  5. #5 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010

    I stand corrected, I just did another purse switch. I got all of my stuff it, but it'll be a tight fit with a bottle. You may be able to do it, if you're really good at arranging.
  6. Lurex Ocelot - Stunning ... I really like it and it is light weight..
  7. Hmm... I have two kiddos... and have to carry atleast the small wipeys, 3 diapers, a burp cloth, and pacis at all times. I can fit all that plus the small Madison wallet, Blackberry, keys, gum, smokes (yea... I smoke), lighter, and lipgloss with some room to spare.

    Granted, it wouldn't make a great "let's go shopping all day" or travel bag, but I can use mine for regular trips and travels no prob!

    I vote the Ocelot, cuz I have it and I love it. I think it's a everyday bag for me, but maybe not for all!
  8. Wow, I stand corrected....Thats alot of stuff..Well, then I would say the Ocelot Hailey....It is different!!!!!;)
  9. I have the silver lurex... Is there anything you want me to put into it for you so you could compare? Or photo next to it? Modeling shot, maybe?

    I have a good bit in it now.. a large Vera Bradley wallet, my GPS, mini skinny, a VB cosmetic bag that is full of junk, cell phone... and I forget what else. LOL
  10. It's a smaller bag, but I am a small bag kinda girl, so I can make it work! I use the slip pockets on the inside too! I think the key is the small wallet too. I use the matching one, and it's really small, so it frees up a lot of room.

    Everyone's different, and what works for me, may not work for all, KWIM? Ever since having kids my purse contents have changed alot. Sometimes I look in there and say, "is anything in here even mine...?" :biggrin:
  11. would u be able to make a modeling pic as shoulder bag? i dony wear crossbody- only shoulder bag... you're awesome :yahoo:i pretty much have the large gramercy zip wallet, gramercy patent wallet, ocelot wristlet (but a second wristlet dosent always have to b in my bags) 3 diapers and a small wipe case, blackberry and i think that's it :smile:

  12. just returned my groovy. The hailey is perfect!
  13. wow thats alot of stuff for that bag!!!!:nuts:
  14. which groovy did'ya return, and what hailey did'ya get? :graucho: *curious*
  15. I'll take a modeling shot. I don't do much for cross-body either! Be back in a few with pics!