How does Gucci shoe sizing run?

  1. Hi! I wear a 38 in open toe Manolos, 38.5 in closed toe. Does Manolo size run similar to Gucci? I wear a 7.5 in most other shoes. Help! I need to do a preorder online, but have no idea what size to get.
  2. Gucci runs a little big I think. I wear 38.5 in manolos but a 38 in Gucci (open toe) If closed toe: 39 manolo and 38.5 gucci.
  3. Gucci runs big - I buy a 37 Manolo closed toe but a 6-6.5 Gucci.
  4. I wear a 38.5-39 with Manolo, and I wear a 38.5 with Gucci...

    Other random shoes, I usually wear an 8.5
  5. Gucci runs USUALLY a half size too big on me..BUT NOT ALWAYS......I wear an 8 1/2..normally..Half of my Guccis are 8 ..the other half are 8 1/2...I never know!LOL!
  6. in my opinion gucci runs true to size for me
    i buy 39 in manolos closed-toe and 38.5 in gucci - i own a pair of ballet flats and sneakers in 38.5
    but once tried on a slip on kitten heel and 39 felt like the better size
  7. It depends on style I think sometimes I take 1/2 size smaller sometimes true size.
  8. For me Gucci shoes run a half size small.
  9. i wear a marc by marc jacobs 8.5 (in peep-toes)

    i want to buy a pair of gucci closed toed patent pumps from the anniversary collection, but can only buy it online now, cuz im too late! >_<

    would a size 9 be really big on me?
  10. It depends on the style...I find the loafers run about a half size small...a little narrow for me. Pumps, mules, etc...seem to run more true to size.
  11. for me gucci shoes run really big. every pair i've ever tried on has been too big :confused1: and they've never had the size down so i don't know what my really gucci size is, but i'm generally a 38.5-39 and those are way too big in gucci.
  12. They run true or half size small,depending on the model...:shrugs:
  13. For me too

  14. I really want to purchase my first Gucci shoes, the shops I tried didn't have anything smaller than a 37, i'm usually 35-36 depending on the shop. A Gucci trainer, size 35.5 looked like it was a size too big for me.
    So I want to order from Gucci online but have no idea what size to try, they seem to go down to a 34, would this be just too small. Does anyone notice a difference between the sizing on the shoes and the trainers?
  15. I went down from my usual 41 to a 40 in the Gucci Mules. I'm also a 40 in