How does GIA grade the cut?

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  1. What is the best cut you can get from GIA? Ideal, Excellent? I tried to look on the GIA website and didn't find it!

    Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated! :yes:

  2. Excellent is the highest cut grade for GIA.
  3. Thank you! So is ideal under excellent, or is ideal with a different company?

    Thanks!! ;P
  4. GIA does not have an ideal cut grade. I think it is AGS that gives ideal cut grades. Many times sellers will also use the term ideal loosely.
  5. "Ideal cut" is a sales tool not a grading specification.

    The "ideal" cut tag is based on a model by Marcel Tolkowsky that outlined "ideal" percentages for a round brilliant diamond. He was looking for a way to maxamize light refraction which has little to do with beauty.

    Even though good cut is VERY important, be wary of anyone who claims to have an "ideal" cut.

    PM me if you would like more specific information from the "inside" of the industry. ;)