How does getting high definition work? Video games!

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  1. I have been making some sales on eBay and am looking into buying a new TV. I've had the same TV for 11 years now! I found a decent priced LCD TV.

    I looove video games. I watch TV an I like it, but I care more for the HD on an Xbox etc.
    Do I have to have the Comcast box like everyone else has or can't I just hook up my gaming system to the TV somehow for HD? Is the Comcast thing just for TV programs?

    I hope this question isn't too confusing! I just want to know if I NEED the HD box for video games or if that's solely for TV programs.
  2. Adore -- you don't need the HD box solely for video games. But, remember that everything is switching to HD in February 2009, so you'll need to go to HD eventually.

    If you're looking for a TV that's great for video games, make sure it has 120h. It's a newer technology that cuts down on choppiness when things move quickly on the screen. (This I learned from DH.) We have 2 Samsung TVs and love them.
  3. i think what you meant was that everything is switching to digital, not HD.

    @ Adore: i'm not sure if comcast charges for it, but since you're getting an lcd hd tv, might as well get a hd comcast box. and as lorihmatthews said, you don't need this to get hd from the xbox360.

    for the tv, you should look into getting one that supports 1080p, basically the highest hd goes at the moment. though 720p is perfectly fine. depending on when you got the xbox360, it may or may not have a hdmi port. if it does, great, get a hdmi cable to hook it up to the hdtv. if not, you will need a hd component cable or vga cable to hook up the xbox to the tv.

    have fun!
  4. There are a million myths and misconceptions out there about HD - I sold high-end electronics for 3 years, so let me see if I can dispel some of them.

    If you only want to play video games in HD, you don't need an HD box from your cable company. The HD box is only used for cable programming.

    The 2009 switch is NOT, I repeat NOT, associated in any way with HD. It is a switch from analog (think antenna) to digital (think cable box). People that do not have a built in receiver or external cable box for their televisions will need an adapter box, but if you're buying a new TV right now, this switch does not affect you in any way, shape, or form.

    Depending on how much of a videophile you are and how much money you have to spend, 120hz (which, if I remember correctly, refers to the speed of the video processor in the TV) may or may not be a good option for you. If you want the best picture possible for fast action, then absolutely, 120hz, but it will cost you big money. If you're looking for just an improvement over your regular TV and want to spend a more modest amount of money, just look for the TV with the fastest video processor in your price range. 120hz is not a necessity.

    If you already have a cable box and you get a new TV, it's probably worth it to get HD service and switch to the new box. For my HD service, it only is an extra $7/month, which includes the box and a pretty decent number of HD channels. If you want all the HD channels possible, it will be a bit more, but for only a few dollars it's really nice to have.

    And also, it will depend on what type of xbox 360 you have as to how you can hook it up to your new tv. Your xbox may or may not have an HDMI input, and in order to have 'true' HD, you'll need one of those, plus an HDMI cable. Some of the earlier 360s only have component inputs, which will still give you better resolution than you currently have, but not quite as good as HDMI.