How does Fendi fit?

  1. hey ladies,
    I'm trying to place this Fendi shoes? Do you know this fits? Thanks. I wear u think a Fendi 6 will work me in this style?
  2. I have those shoes in black, and they fit perfect TTS.
  3. I have those in black patent and they were completely TTS and I even have slightly wider feet.
  4. all my fendi shoes are true to size
  5. so i guess the 6 wouldn't work huh? also, are they comfortable? i usually wear 6.5.. :sad:
  6. They are pretty comfortable, though I definitely would look for your regular size.

    The toe opening on those is quite small and that takes some getting used to. At least it did for me... there was no way I could have worn a smaller size without absolutely killing my toes.
  7. I've found them to be inconsistent. I wear 42 in most designers and I've tried on size 41 closed in pumps that surprisingly fit and I own 42 open toe slides that are dead on with no extra room.
  8. thanks ladies..i've decided to cancel the order:sad: