How does everybody....

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  1. ...order these awesome new bags that aren't in stores yet???? I just spent a bunch of time looking over the upcoming line thread and I'm confused how I order ones that aren't released yet??

    I really want the Kristin small satchel in yellow! It's perfect! I have abandoned by quest for the ginger Sabrina in lieu of getting the Kristin!! MUST HAVE! I LOVE the silver hardware because personally, I am quite adverse to gold hardware for some odd reason. That and I also must have the teal Kristin hobo...

    I gleaned some style numbers and so forth from the upcoming line thread, but how do I order it? It might seem like a dumb question, but do I have to go into the store and have them look it up or do I call the number on

  2. you can call the number on or go to your boutique and give them the info

    i prefer boutique because web orders don't count towards things like PCE and it lets you establish a relationship with the store/sales associates plus they would always offer free shipping, regardless of price point, as long as its not already in store and they could just give it to you
  3. I agree with Ms-Whitney. You get free shipping and you get to learn about the SA's. Good luck..
  4. Is a boutique different than a flagship?
  5. No, a flagship boutique is just a boutique that gets some items that not all boutiques necessarily get. At least that's my experience with a flagship boutique. You can order any Coach item from any Coach store, even the outlets. I definitely agree with ms-whitney. You should go to the boutique, meet some SAs, get free shipping, and check out the other great stuff at the boutique.

    A word of advice from a fairly seasoned TPFer - Be careful with ordering sight unseen unless you absolutely have to have the item now. Items don't always look the same in real life. TPF is great because you get to see reveals of items that aren't in the stores yet, so that helps, but if you haven't seen the item, sometimes it's a good idea to wait, especially if you don't like to return stuff. Plus Coach comes out with new stuff every month so Coach gets addicting. Hehe!
  6. So of as do if we want the bag... Mostly because we see them on this site.. That is what happened to me with the Peyton Tote in Melon and the Madison Carryall in Walnut. You can order it on line, call Jax or just go to your local FL Store.. But you will need the creed...
  7. The flagship I was at today had as bunch of the "boutique exclusives" so is it safe to say that they are a boutique? The SA was looking up the new Kristin satchels for me, but all she had were sketches, so I held off ordering one. I want to see how the yellow Kristin that another TPFer ordered looks before I order anything.
  8. I'll probably just go to the store and have them order it for me. For some reason, I like doing that better than ordering off line. What creed do I need? The style number?
  9. Here's what I gleaned from my personal experience ordering new bags, some other ladies here may have better info. You just need the style number, give that to the SA along with the color you want. FYI, if it's a new bag sometimes the SAs won't see it in their system and will tell you it's not available. You can call JAX (the customer service number on, select "product information," and ask the person who answers to give you all the available colors in a particular style, or ask about a particular style and color. If it's available from JAX, the boutique can either do a fax order or ask to have their ordering system updated. IMO some SAs aren't willing to do the extra step and will try to blow you off, and some don't know it's possible, but if they can't help you find another SA or another boutique and try again. A good SA will try to get you the bag if at all possible. GL!

    BTW, all of the full price stores are "boutiques," but only some are "flagship boutiques."

    Just wanted to add, sometimes the website or drilldown pics from Coach really look nothing like the bag IRL, at least as to color.
  10. ^when some things don't show up at the store inventory for sales associates, but jax says they have it, that is when the stuff is international exclusive, or a blimp in the system (rare)

    like the waverly heart coin purse for example, some couldn't order before and had to do it fax/jax but some could order through the store's system after..its not because it was later added on automatically (like its a lateness) but it was done manually. i had to call in, and ask them to add it on, so i can order through the system. thats why some people here were able to order it later on.

    i've done this with a few items before, for customers. the first time this happened to me, where a customer was inquiring about something that wasn't showing up in store inventory but in jax, i had NO idea what to do.

    but i took initiative and found out how.