How does everybody think of evergrain leather

  1. I talked to my SA this afternoon, and we were discussing the possibility of getting 35 birkin in Rouge H and box or Chevre. She told me that it seemed that Hermes has been trying to use lots of evergrain instead of box for Rouge H.

    How do you think of it?

    BTW, I was also told that the popular leather for massai was also in evergrain.
  2. I am also curious about this leather!
  3. TammyD has a birkin in evergrain.
  4. Hi Shoes,

    My SA seems like the leather. She said the leather had the smoothness of box, but was a little grainier to make it less easier to be scratched.
  5. I gave my DH a wallet in evergrain for Christmas last year.

    Of course he has his cards inside, license, etc. The leather has molded around the contents. It is pretty soft, but, of course, this piece lacks the construction a handbag would have.

    Sometimes when I see the wallet on our dresser, I'll pick it up to "check on it" and it looks great. No scratches....soft to the touch. It has a softness that feels similar to Swift when I compare it to my Birkin.
  6. I don't have anything in evergrain but I have seen quite a few bags in it (Birkin, JPG Kelly, Massai...) and they have all been gorgeous! :tup:
  7. I love Evergrain. It has a certain pearly sheen to it like Chevre but without the stiffness of Chevre. I particularly love it in Havanne as it is very rich. I hear that the corners in Evergrain don't do as well long-term as say Togo or Clemence.

    I would get a Massai or Bolide in Evergraine in a heartbeat. SoCal has a black Evergrain Birkin - you can ask her further for her thoughts on it.
  8. I have a beautiful evergrain birkin. I love it because it is light weight, super soft to the touch but keeps its shape nicely....and is just a gorgeous skin. I find that if I get marks on the bag, I can either rub them out with my finger or take a soft cloth and gently rub the whole bag and the marks come out. So far I don't see any corner wear or other notable wear but I think if that happens, it looks like an easy leather to restore. I'm not sure about the last thing so I hope others chime in to comment.