How does ebay feel about cancelling bids?

  1. Greetings, I have an item on eBay that should sell for about $1500, right now it's around $1100.

    The high bidder, who has a FB of 37 (I'm in the 1400s), sent me a msg (thru eBay) asking me to cancel his bid, no explanation given.

    I responded, you can do that yourself. He hasn't done it and it's been a couple of days.

    I could cancel it, but does eBay hold these statistics? It's his fault, not mine, and I don't want to have problems with ebay cuz he has buyer's remorse.

    Should I insist he cancel his own bid? If I don't, and he turns out to be high bidder, then that brings up a whole other set of problems.
  2. just cancel and put them on your BBL. State the reason as 'bidder requested'
  3. Yeah...everyone who cancels bids with me goes to the block list. Too much aggravation, especially when they cancel at the last minute. :sad:
  4. Thanks guys. I cancelled his bid and moved on.
  5. Heck, if edropoff can cancel 80 auctions worth of bids, I'm sure you can cancel one person's bid. :smile:

  6. lol....
  7. :true:

  8. Lol!
  9. Haha, well said.
  10. What is the point of having and setting seller preferences to block doofuses like this if no one bothers to give them their well deserved strike?
  11. ^This. ITA.