How does combined shipping work??

  1. I want to buy 2 items from one seller and I asked her if she does combined shipping. Her response was, "Yes, but I can't be bothered to figure it out on eBay." She said that what I can do is pay for everything (both invoices) and then she will refund me the money for shipping later. However, I was wondering if there's an easier way?? For example, can I just pay everything in one invoice minus the cost of one of the item's shipping? Any help would be great...thank you!!!!!
  2. "I can't be bothered"?? :wtf: How the HELL do these people expect to do business with an attitude like that?! Personally I would not deal with a seller who said something like that to me.
    But if you really want the items and can't get them anywhere else, I suppose you could do it her way. If she would BOTHER, then yes, of course there is a very simple way for her to combine the shipping for you and you can pay on one invoice. She's obviously not bright enough to realize that the PP fees on her end are more expensive the way she's doing it, as well. :rolleyes:
  3. eBay will combine it for you. She doesn't even have to think.

    You just have to wait for both listings to end and assuming you have won both. I remember years ago, we actually had to use our brains to do some of the invoicing, but not now.
  4. Jayne has a good point; eBay will combine it for you but it won't figure out a reduced shipping amount unless the seller has a combined shipping profile set up & activated.
  5. I have combined shipping, buyer pays highest shipping cost then $2 more for each additional item.
  6. ^^ I don't even add any additional cost. I can't justify it in my mind. I tell them if the item doesn't add much additional weight, I'll include it.

    I've noticed the invoice from eBay has all the items won by the buyer and since I usually use a flat rate for Xpressost, that's how it gets shipped.
  7. Thank you all for responding!!!

    It actually wasn't a big deal, but the seller made it seem so complicated. All I wanted were 2 bottles of nail polish (each .99) and shipping was $3 for each item. I knew I was going to win and that I would be the only bidder. I was right! That's why I wanted to know if there was combined shipping.

    I realize this must all seem like a matter of pennies, but's always nice to save some money wherever you can! Anyway, I think the seller ended up figuring out how to combine the shipping, because I received one invoice with the total of $6.98. So .99 for 2 items and $5 for shipping. She gave me a dollar off and I was thinking better than nothing...

    until I read what Jayne1 wrote. Should it really have cost an extra $2 for shipping? I mean how much additional weight is an extra bottle of nail polish? Oh well...the seller's probably not making anything from this considering all of the eBay and Paypal fees.

    P.S. I made this face too :wtf: when the seller said she couldn't be bothered, but now I think it was just bad wording on her part.
  8. She can do whatever she wants. As you said, she's probably trying to make some more money because there is no justification for adding the extra $2.00. I would have thrown it in and not charged... but many, many sellers would charge.

    ETA - If it's an expensive item and involves a lot more for insurance, I have to ask the buyer to pay that. But never more for a simple small thing like a bottle of nail polish.

  9. Ahhh now it makes sense. The seller is also possibly doing the classic "fee avoidance" by only paying eBay fees on the $0.99 for each item, and making whatever little profit she's making off the shipping.

    I wouldn't have charged extra for another bottle of nail polish, no way. I was thinking more like handbags, which of course are a lot heavier and bulkier. In that case, I do add a bit for extra postage, and of course for insurance.