How does Chanel fare in the rain? Looking for advice from all London gals!

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  1. I will be moving to London in a few months. (So excited but nervous for the big move!) I am looking for a big everyday bag, and am trying to decide between the GST, medallion tote or a cerf tote. How do caviar and cerf leather fare in London weather? Are these practical choices?

  2. i reckon go for the caviar as it will hold up really well for an everyday bag and not to mention in the rain..i think a gst is a great choice!! a medallion tote is cute too.. :smile: but my first vote goes for the gst
  3. First of all, congrats on your move to London! You'll love it.

    Now, forget the weather - I lived in London for 12 years and barely got wet! The tube, shops, lots of undercover things to help.

    Your main worry should be how the bag closes at the top. You will need something that seals all the way with a zip... pickpockets y'know.
    I don't know which of those bags do this.
  4. Ahh it's not that bad in London with the rain, we do have at least 3 days of sunshine a year hehe. I actually use the Paris Biaritz hobo and the vinyl rock flap as my rain bags, but I should imagine that caviar bags like the GST would cope with the odd downpour.
  5. Thanks for the replies! My cousin lives in London and said he rarely needs an umbrella. But he's useless when it comes to knowing how purses would do in the rain. So caviar is "waterproof"? Does anyone know if the chain will get "rusty"? I have a caviar flap that I want to bring with me too.
  6. Used my black Caviar in the snow the other day & it's fine. Still looks shiny & new. I just wiped it down & dried it off when I got to my destination. I would think that it would probably ok in the rain as well.
  7. I think you really have to consider the 'safety' issue as Expat rightly pointed out - in a GST your wallet/cell is vulnerable to thiefs because the bag does not have a top closure. Same goes for the Cerf. You'll just have to be very very careful and alert. I've had too many friends/family who have lost not just walltes and cells but their entire bags because they blinked!
  8. Hi fellow Londoner here- I still carry my flaps and GST in the rain/ snow- apart from lambskin- I think its a little to delicate. However, as long as you carry an umbrella I think whatever bag you have will be fine. As for GST in London, so far (fingers crossed*) I have had no issues becasue I keep my phone, keys, wallet in the middle zipper compartment.
  9. No issues here either and believe me, Manchester is ranier than London. Lambskin is also fine. I've never had any problem with any of my Chenels and it rains ALL the time!!
  10. No issues with my Jumbo Flap Caviar. I carried it to dinner in San Francisco, in the rain...wiped it down after I got inside and it looks good as new!
  11. I used my GST in caviar when i was in Edinburgh.. and that was WET and windy! I also store my most important items in my middle compartment that has a zip and the other open compartments i put in mouse traps to suprise any pickpockets looking my way :wlae: