How does calcaire and '07 white rh compare?

  1. I am interested in calcaire, but I am wondering what the color comparison is to a new '07 white. Do they have really different undertones? Does anyone have comparison pics? Please post pics of either calcaire or a new white. TIA
  2. I've never seen Calcaire IRL but I think it has pink undertones.
  3. Powder is the right person to answer this. She has both colors. Let me see if i can find her thread for you. :smile:
  4. Here is my calcaire twiggy, indoor,without flash.
    He has no undertone. it's a mate white, but it's difficulte to explain !
    Not a snow white, more powdered.
    I hope it'll help.
    photo 029.jpg photo 005.jpg
  5. That's a caclaire?! Crazy. I had a caclaire day once and it had a definite pink undertone. Imagine an off white with a dull greyish pink cast to it and that is caclaire. There may be differences from bag to bag.

    Natural, according to an SA, is an off white with a greyish beige cast.

  6. My giant Natural has more beige to it but the Natural w/RH is little lighter. I love the color but you have to be careful with it. I also love the Greige color. What kind of light colors are you interested in?:smile:
    IMG_2222%20%282%29.JPG IMG_2309%20%282%29.JPG IMG_2319%20%282%29.JPG
  7. calcaire is a pretty ivory color w/ pale pink tones. IRL, you can also see hints of gray upclose:

  8. I have an 07 White City and it is pretty much a bright white - I don't have Calcaire, but I do have a comparison pic of f/w 06 and 07 whites

  9. let us know ur final decision~~!
  10. If i were to choose, i will go for calcaire not white as i do not like to get something that is too white (and gets dirty easily and very obvious).....:smile: