How Does Angelina Keep Her Bag So Clean?

  1. Ok, I just got a recent People magazine and there was Angelina (again!) with her famous bag. I like the fact that she doesn't feel she needs to change it and wears it with just about anything but it sure looks clean and not much patina. With 3 kids, all that traveling, etc. I would think it would look pretty beat up.

    So do you think LV sends her new ones all the time??? For some reason I can't see her spraying on Shining Monkey and cleaning it with baby wipes every day! :roflmfao: (Well maybe Brad does it for her...)
  2. maybe she owns several of them...
  3. Agreed, I reckon she uses a couple.
  4. i would imagine once patina sets in, she goes and buys another. i would too if i had the money!!
  5. Yea, she probably gets a new one every few months. If you think about it, she probably has paid as much as some of us for our many bags compared to her buying the same bag over and over again.
  6. Actually all most of her bags have patina on them. That's why I like hers because they do look like she wears them.
  7. If I were execs at LV, I'd send her new bags all the time as well ! She gets photographed with them enough !
  8. Agreed! I did notice that the bag she was carrying looks really patinaed on the bottom, but looked like new handles.
  9. I'm surprised she never gets tired of that style though. I think she needs a big bag (for diapers, etc) but there are so many others to choose from. Well, maybe she's not addicted to bags like me!
  10. She could always buy another....=)
  11. i think that she owns a cabas and the patina still looks kinda pale in the pictures all the time.
  12. yup. I bet she chages them often.
  13. she probably buys them in bulk.
  14. could it possibly be an old photo for when the bag was still new-ish?
  15. How about she saves herself some time and money (not that she needs to) and special order a Cabas Alto? She clearly needs a bigger bag IMO.