How does a seller avoid paypal problems?

  1. I'm doing my best to learn the ins and outs of selling on eBay and receiving payment through paypal.

    I've read the awful stories of sellers accounts being frozen and wondered if there was anything which can be done to prevent it?

    Should funds be withdrawn as soon as they are rec'd or is this "suspicious activity?" :confused1:
  2. Yeah, I always withdraw funds, usually right after I pay for the shipping for the item (I use paypal shipping, too, with USPS). It's not suspicious. I think your funds would only be frozen if there is a problem--ie, buyer files a claim.
  3. unfortunately it's impossible to completely avoid problems, as I can account for first hand with the nutty buyers I've had lately!

    Best things to do are have a clear return policy on your auctions, even if it is all sales final, make sure you set up in your paypal preferences to only accept payments from confirmed addresses, and if you do a buy it now, require immediate payment. I also withdraw money from my pp acct every 3 days or so and I don't keep a lot in my bank account that it's tied to, so there's never much to take if paypal went after my bank account.

    I know others will disagree with me, but I also only ship within the US (I mostly sell Coach and it hasn't been a problem). Hope that helps!
  4. it is so scary out there.

    i refuse to sell anything pricey because i do not want to lose my money AND my items or have to deal with the huge run around from eBay and paypal. it's all at your risk, and that just doesn't fly for me as a buyer or seller of luxury goods.

    i wish MP would accept applications again...i WANT to get a deal/get rid of things, but i'm too scaredy cat with eBay. i shouldn't feel so safe even here (no offence), but i do for whatever reason.

    do NOT ship to an unconfirmed address, no matter what the buyer's reason is. it isn't worth your time/hassle/money to have to deal with them if something goes wrong. another buyer will eventually come along.
  5. How do I set up paypal to only accept payments from confirmed addresses?
  6. under the profile tab in paypal there is a 'payment receiving preferences' (or something close to that) link
  7. It doesnt give me the option to block unconfirmed addresses - perhaps because I'm in Australia?
  8. yes, I think, I'm not sure, but I think you can't confirm addys in AUS
  9. Oh thats a bit annoying - I just sent an email to pp. For my auction I have set it up so that I only accept paypal from international buyers as those shipments can be tracked. Is there anything else you can think of that I should be doing?
  10. Just make sure that when you ship the item out, the address should be confirmed.. otherwise you will not be protected under Seller's Protection Policy..