How does a PA work?

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  1. I bought the aubergine Sophia today because I know that a) Sophia is being deleted and b) so is that color.

    My question is how does a price adjustment work? I know gathered leather is going back to jax so will an outlet give me a hard time? I just want to be knowledgeable about the policy so they can't just tell me no with no valid reason.
  2. I think you can only get PA (some stores won't do it) within 14 days of purchase.
  3. It will be within the 14 days because they are being deleted this thurs or Friday.

  4. My outlets won't do a PA unless they have the exact bag on the floor. Even within the 14 day period. You might want to call the outlet first and see what their policy is. I've tried taking bags in and been refused the PA, and also talked to different managers, and no go.
  5. The gathered Sophias are on the updated website. Are we sure they will be deleted this week?