how does a chargehold work?

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  1. im really getting nervous that a bag i want from the outlets is going to be gone by the time i get there. a very nice tpf'er is going to get prices for me this weekend but after that i wanna put something on a chargehold but i have no idea how they work? can someone please fill me in?
  2. I might be wrong but I understand a chargehold to mean that you appear in the store, provide your credit card and purchase the item and it secures the item for you that is usually located at another store or in another state.
  3. can i do that over the phone?
  4. I don't believe so, the SA I talked to when I asked about holding a bag for me described a process that I believe she called a chargehold and I *had* to appear in person. The point of this process is if the bag/item is in a location nowhere near you but you still want it. You go into the outlet nearest to you, have them look it up and they will call the store that has it, have them "hold" it, you pay for it and then they will either ship it to you or to the store.
  5. You can call your local outlet, and you give them your credit card info over the phone. They will hold the item for you for up to two weeks. Without giving the credit card info, they will only hold for 48 hours.
  6. I think it might be different outlet by outlet, you will just have to ask. My outlet would not do the credit card thing over the phone.
  7. It depends on where you are. Not all the outlets will ship to you or the store. In my area, they'll hold it for you, but you have to go and pick it up yourself. If it's in an outlet that isn't near you, then you're out of luck.
  8. The Vacaville outlet will let you do a charge over the phone and then you have 2 weeks to pick the item up.
  9. hmm i live like 3000 miles away but it would be a good excuse to go on vacation lol
  10. What I did was call the store for availability of product, give them my cc info to hold the product until I get there and pick it up. It is charged when I pick it up.
  11. Most outlets will let you call in and leave your credit card info. It's immediately charged for the amount, and the bag put on hold for at least 14 days (sometimes they will hold longer). If you change your mind, it's no problem..but they have to refund your card. Around here (PA or NJ) you don't have to physically go to the store.
  12. I just did this and it worked. To get the bag shipped you have to physically be in the store, BUT the bag you want can be shipped from another outlet at that point. I had a bag on hold in Seattle and was physically in the Oregon outlet and they processed the charge send.

    I also had a bag on hold at the Oregon outlet on a charge hold. It was able to be held for 2 weeks doing it that way.

    Hope that helps.
  13. I just did a chargehold at the outlet near me (my first time). I was there yesterday and saw the bleecker denim wristlet w/ the vachetta leather flowers and didn't buy it and I can't quit thinking about it. So I called today and the SA said I could do a chargehold. She just took my info and my CC info and said i had 2 weeks to come pick it up. She said it would not be charged to my card until she actually rings it up.
  14. see im a little nervous about giving credit card info over the phone (call me crazy but i think the lines are tapped) so i just got some info from another tpf'er on what was down there (nothing i was desperate for, oh well) so i ended up putting a small heritage stripe tote on 48 hr hold and im going to give it to my sister for xmas
  15. When they do a charge-hold, or charge-send, do they charge you for shipping the bag?