How does 226 and 227 compare to size of classic jumbo flap?

  1. I want to waitlist for the dark silver reissue but not sure which size to go for. Which one's close to the size of the jumbo?

    Is the 227, $2495 and 226, $2350?
  2. the 227 is the jumbo version. it so nice...i just put myself on the waitlist in the afternoon. i was thinking about switching sizes too on my commute home from work...but i figure the extra $145 might hold more stuff? lol:roflmfao:
  3. The 227 is the jumbo and the 226 is the medium classic flap.
  4. I really thought that 227 was very big for me. But it turned out to be the perfect size for me because I think the medium flap is a bit small for me. :biggrin:
  5. oic! I thought the jumbo was in between 226 and 227. The jumbo size is more practical for me

    228 must be a monster!!

    PS. Do you think dark silver reissue is too mature for me??
  6. the 227 is the jumbo, but the 226 is in between the medium classic flap and jumbo flap. IMO, the 225 is closer to the medium flap (although there is a lot less depth)
  7. i saw the 226 IRL and i think it's much closer to the medium in terms of what it holds. 226 is the perfect size for the reissue that's why i sold my 225 dark silver. it just didn't hold anything and was kind of impratical.
  8. While the 227 is the same size as the jumbo, it doesnt seem nearly as big because its much flatter and less bulky than the jumbo. The 228 is larger than the 227 but a little bit but again, its not a bulky bag so it doesnt feel like it is huge.

    The 226 holds a lot more than a medium classic so I'd say its in between the medium classic and the jumbo.

  9. definitely not too mature! i love the dark silver! it's actually, in my opinion more "modern" while still being I think it's perfect!:tup:
  10. i called the 1800 chanel number asking to be put on the wait list for a 226 size for the reissue...and they had no idea what i was talking about...they were like the 2.55 right...and im like yeah the 2.55 in size 226...and they were like come its medium...or large...which i guess is correct too but dont they know the numbers too??
  11. I measured my jumbo with my 227 reissue, the jumbo is an inch deeper (profile).
  12. For Fall season...I thought the dark silver will only be coming out in 226 and 225? and only bordeoux will be in 227? pls enlighten me on this...
  13. there's a bordeux reissue coming out???

    I was under the impression the dark silver's only coming out in 227 and 226??

    humm...hard to choose between 226 and 227...seems kind of similar. Which size does Jessica alba have for the dark gold reissue?
  14. ^^There is a red reissue coming SA told me that it is more like blood red.

    And it won't have the original reissue chain. its got the new chain.

    So in my opinion its not really a reissue :p
  15. here is a side by side comparison of a jumbo and a reissue 227. hope it helps