How do your significant others feel about LV?

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  1. Not that our sweethearts would influence whether or not we purchase our LVs (:roflmfao: ), but I'm curious to know what your boyfriend/husband thinks about your LV collection.

    Luckily, my boyfriend loves Louis Vuitton as well, so it's one of the things we have in common! But if we ever tie the knot, I see some serious financial issues with our little obsession... :wtf:
  2. He likes most of my bags especially LV not fan of Gucci and Dior, dunno why. At first he gave me hard time anytime I get new bag but now he is accepting the fact that his wife has bags problem. In his book, it's better than weight problem..
  3. Wellll.. I even tried buying him a wallet and that didn't work so I'll just have to say he does a lot of this :lecture: anytime I talk or want to go into the store.
  4. my dh could care less anymore...but gives me a hard time if he doesn't like the bag. he doesn't really like me buying non LV bag though...unless really cheap like hello kitty or tokidoki
  5. hum...BF don't get much saying when it comes to my love for LV, because i bought majority of my collection, w/ one only Mono Koala agenda as gift from's much slower to collect LV this way, but it make me really think hard of what's the best for me ^_^
  6. My bf hates the fact that I go on this forum (and waste lots of time) more than he dislikes me buying LV bags...
  7. I think he was "eh" about it at first, then he started appreciating his "nice" guitars (Les Pauls), so now he understands my love for "nice" bags. Like I mentioned awhile ago, he's also asked me how to tell authentic ones from fakes before as well lol.
  8. Usually after a large purchase he says "I do not want to hear the words Louis or Vuitton in the house for another 6 months" :blush:

    But everytime we go to the store he always comments about how nice their trunks are or how good their men's ties look. :sneaky:
  9. LOL. I have about $200K more in savings than him. He has NO say.
  10. DH isn't impressed.
  11. DH doesn't really care, he doesn't recognize one from designer from another really.

    He knows where it is in the mall and that they have brown gift boxes (as I have mentioned before) but that's about it.

    Yet he can remember every shot he makes after a round of golf and memorable shots from years ago...oh, well.
  12. i guess that's one good thing about being single - more LV for me! :wlae:
  13. Ditto!!! :graucho:
  14. He gives me a hard time about it. Meanwhile his closet is full of designer clothes and shoes :p :rolleyes:
    A bit hypocritical
  15. My husband doesn't hate LV, but he hates bags that have logos on the surface; such as monogram or some designs from GUCCI. He thinks they looks cheap; he loves EPI and Suhali; anyway, I love them all!;)