How do your leather TOD's bags fare in the snow and rain?

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    Have seen a couple more photos of the new Shopping Grande in coated canvas (posting in another thread). Am liking it better, but have some true reservations about the fact that it doesn't zip. Lack of a zipper doesn't really bother me w/the G-Bag Sacca Grande, as I usually have an umbrella w/me when it rains––or I can pull the top of this lovely spring/summer bag together fairly well until I get under cover. This takes care of items inside the bag––and of course, most of the exterior is coated canvas, so is fine.

    Snow is a different story. Snowflakes tend to swirl into every open crack and crevice of a bag, and everything inside––including a leather wallet and cell phone––can get coated. So, I'm concerned about both the exterior of a bag––and items inside the bag––during winter snow events.

    Am looking forward to wearing my Miky Nomade Grande this fall and winter; also have my eye on another TOD's leather bag, which I might purchase in lieu of the Shopping Grande. Am wondering: for those of you who have been through snow w/your TOD's leather bags, how have they fared? And have your TOD's leather bags been okay after they've been through rain? Thanks for your comments!
  2. OK, realize I should have mentioned: ''When you get caught in rain or snow . . . " Obviously, I'm not going to intentionally take my leather bags out in the middle of a rainstorm or blizzard . . .:smile:

    I know some leathers hold up better to snow & rain than others. Just wondering if anyone has comments about specific TOD's bags in this regard. Thanks!
  3. I dropped my Zip Miky in slush last winter, survived just fine, I did clean it off immediately... I usually carry my Pashmy (now my G-bag) when I think there is any chance of rain.
  4. Thanks, LT! Could you let me know which product you used for cleaning?
  5. I use those car leather interior wipes...go them at the local supermarket. I read on here somewhere about them and they work great on the TODS deerskin bags. I also have AppleGuard but have not used it yet, was going to use it on my BV's but the verdict is still out on the AppleGuard, so I'm just waiting, don't know what I'm waiting for.. lol!
  6. I've been caught in drizzle/mist and light snowfall with my grande D-bag in Vachetta and my D-bag in alligator; both bags survived just fine, I did wipe them off with a soft cloth as soon as I could. I haven't noticed any spotting or problems with the leather afterwards. :biggrin:
  7. ^^Thanks, mearns!
  8. My D-bag (cognac) has also been caught in the rain (altho i wouldn't call it a downpour), and it survived just fine. =) No discoloration so far. I feel it's the toughest and sturdiest bag I've ever owned.
  9. That's interesting that you use the car leather wipes. I searched all over for a particular brand of wipes for leather that was recommended in a magazine article. Never found them. I just use my Apple cleaner and conditioner on a soft cloth if I need to clean a bag. But I may pick up one of the car cleaning brands.
    Thanks Isabel

  10. ^I second this. i have a black one and it has been in the rain several times and has been fine. It rains all the time here so I end up using it the most of all my bags and I love love love it!
  11. Thanks, all, for your input! Much appreciated!
  12. It seldom snows here, but we do get lots of rain, often without warning. The leather shows no after-effects.
  13. My go to handbag if the forecast is for rain/snow is a pebbled leather Tods. It's also black (yeah I wear a lot of black). It's been through rain and blizzards and looks fab.

    I wear my black leather Tods shoes all winter! Snow, rain, everything.
    I also have a pair of black sandals that have survived several HEAVY downpours- they were competely soaked and still look great.
  14. boxermom and pursecrzy, thanks for your comments! I am relieved to know my leather TOD'S bags should be fine through the winter!
  15. LT Bag Lady, is there a brand of car leather wipes that you prefer? My grocery store doesn't have anything like that and I wasn't pleased with the way the Shining Monkey spray works.