How do your CLs sleep? Need ideas or input (and PICS!!!) for my new wardrobe.

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  1. Do your CLs sleep in boxes or on shoe racks? Do you do the polaroid thing for your boxes, if that's how you keep them? Show me PICS of your closets!!

    My husband and I are building a new house and yesterday I found out that I get to have an entire room for my closet. YAY!!!! I have been online for a few hours, researching different ideas for closets, and it's doing my head in! The only thing I know is that I *love* Mariah Carey's shoe closet and I like the closet in the Sex and the City movie, but I don't know if I should keep them out like that? Though it would be more practical.

    I thought I would ask here to see what your closets look like, because I imagine there are some awesome ones among the women here. I'd also tremendously appreciate any advice or input on what you have found to work and what doesn't work with your own closets. This is supposed to be our dream house and I want to live there forever lol, so I want to get it right.
  2. Peanutbabycake from the bag section have a really REALLY awsome room forher bags / shoes etc .Check out her thread :biggrin:

    Btw congrats youre one lucky girl!
  3. here's how mine sleep... STANDING UP!!! :nuts::P:P



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  4. I keep all of my shoes in their boxes and store them on a bookshelf. The boxes make them stackable so I can squeeze more shoes on each shelf. :smile:

    Carlinha, I LOVE the red case for your red-soled beauties.
  5. ^^same here.
  6. I keep mine in their boxes on the top shelf of the closet. The rest of the "peasants" are out of their boxes on a shoe rack on the bottom of the closet. I'd like to do something like what Carlinha did but I think DH would tell me I've gone round the bend. Definitely check out peanutbabycakes collection thread. Her closet is AWESOME!!!
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    The seasonal or special occasions are in their boxes on top of the shelves, the ones I wear often are on shelves (only if they are patent) and if they're suede then in shoebags inside shoe cabby (which is under the shoe shelves)
    Carlinha, if you don't mind, can you tell me where did you get the red case and how much? Thanks sweetie!
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  9. In boxes turned on their side, with pics on the front, stacked on shelves

    This is an old pic. My collection's changed a lot and no room for sneakers anymore.
  10. Wow Jet I aspire to have a shoe collection like yours!!! :love:
  11. i've acquired several new pair since this picture, but this is where i store my CLs.

  12. I keep them in their boxes, stacked on my closet shelves...

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  13. believe it or not, i got my bookshelf from ikea! the style is called LINNARP with the glass doors... it costs $349
    IKEA | Cabinets & sideboards | Display cabinets | LINNARP | Bookcase with glass-door

    it can hold 3 pairs per cubicle, for a total of 36 pairs :yes:
  14. :hugs: