How do your Brookes hold up? Does the glase rub off on yours?

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  1. I just got a taupe Brooke at the outlet. Wore it few times and noticed that the color/glaze is rubbing off!!!!!:confused1: Do you see the same on yours? I used to own pebbled leather before, it was soooo durable... It was my everyday, casual bag that I didn't baby and it never showed any wear even after a year! I love my taupe Brooke , but after few days it already looks worn... like I beat it up... and I am always very careful with my bags. What should I do now? Since i bought it at the outlet will FP coach store take care of it? I head people talking about sending their bags for repair. If I take it back to the outlet will they send it back for repair to fix the glaze? Will they give me my money back? If JAX still has taupe Brookes will the FP store replce it even that it was purchaised at the outlet. I am all over the place with this...... I don't know what my options are. I always used to buy FP, but got tempted by outlet prices this time, and also feel bad paying FP for a bag if it is going to be in the outlet in few months... BUT does the outlet coach take care of the bags if smth happens to them the same way the FP coach does?
  2. I have a leather quartz Brooke and mine is fine. I have carried it everyday since Christmas. I would exchange it for a new one.
  3. I had a black Brooke and I used it every day for months, it held up perfectly. I agree with New2Coach, I would exchange it.
  4. My quartz Brooke is holding up fine. Some years ago I took a bag back to the outlet and they sent it to jax and waived the $20.00 fee. Good luck, I hope they can fix or replace it for you.
  5. I would think Coach would stand behind their products whether purchased at fp or outlet.
    I was actually thinking about the Taupe Brooke as a neutral for Spring/summer. I would have thought that the pebbled leather was very durable. I hope everything works out for you. You should definitely take it to the store and ask for a replacement. Let us know what happens :smile:
  6. I have a black Brooke and no, its been fine.
  7. I ended up returning mine, got a refund, since the outlet didn't have any more of them to do an exchange. I really liked that bag.... I am considering giving it another chance, I hope the one that i got before was one and only to be defective... So since that bag has been out for a while, do your Brookes still look OK? Any problems with color rubbing off, peeling, now that everybody carried them for a while? If i had a problem with it before, am I crazy to buy the same kind of bag again?
  8. I have been using my Eggplant Brooke almost continuously for several months & it is still as good as the first day.
  9. I, too, have the eggplant Brooke and have been using it as my everyday bag...and the colour/glaze is perfectly fine! Good luck with yours!
  10. Another eggplant Brooke here. I've been using every day for a month and it looks perfect.
  11. Love my Brooke. No issues. Using every day since Christmas.
  12. Wow! Good to hear! Thank you for your responses. I am going tonight to get it. I got a call from my outlet that they got more Brookes in, 50% off, plus 20-30 % off!
  13. Good luck with Brooke number 2!! I hope it works out for you. I love that bag as well. It seems like the perfect neutral for spring/summer. Did your outlet specify that they got leather Brookes? Mine got lots of sig. May I ask which outlet you shop at?
  14. Thank you everybody for you comments. I went out and actually got 2! One in quartz and one in Taupe. The leather is just beautiful, and have not rub off marks on them! One thing I am not sure about is size.... They are large, and they said they didn't have any smaller ones. I am 5"4 and i think I like larger bags. Whereever we go I like to throw in a few snakcs for kids or ourselves, like to be able to put kids mittens, hats in.. I have cambridge hobo, two large zoes and they are a perfects size. I find my carlies, legasy, small sabrina a little too small nowdays. Though they are so beautiful, and I can't really make miself take them back after I payed around 160 for each....I wonder if they are too big for me.... The one that I had before and returned due to loss off finish was smaller size and it seem to be a good size for most of the time, sometimes I wished it had more room, or opening was bigger...So what do i do now?

  15. THank you! AS you can see in my previous post there is always something to worry about...:wondering:shrugs:
    I shop at Wrentham. One wonderful SA gave me a call and said that she remembered I was asking about leather Brookes last time I was there. So she put them on hold for me, because they got only a few. I went next day and they must have really gotten only a few because there were none on the display. I was actually very surprised to get a call, for the most part I guess, except for this wonderful SA, nobody wants to look for a bag on the back and help you find something you are looking for.