How do you...

  1. I just got a dooney and bourke purse and it has pen marks inside. How should I go about cleaning it?? thanks!!! :shrugs:
  2. Unfortunately, there really isn't a good way. If the pen marks have set, they are permanent. I would not do any at home remedies. I would take it to a leather repair shop and see what they could do.
  3. Old-fashioned hairspray will remove ball-point pen and some marker stains from just about anything. But it has to be the Old School kind, the modern ones simply do not have the correct harmful chemicals.
  4. Try AMODEX ink stain remover works great for me
    not sure if I'm allowed to put a link to where u could buy it...
    Just try a search on ink stain remover amodex
    hope it helps:smile: