How do you work out value for re-sale?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows the best way to determine value for resale?

    I purchased new a wallet in 2012 (I actually bought 2 wallets within a few weeks). One I use over and over again, I love it. The other one, I have never used, so it's sat in it's dustbag in the box since then... it just isn't "me".

    Since I'm travelling overseas later this year, I'm thinking of onselling it but I do not know how to realistically price it.

    I have the original receipt, so I know what I paid, but the $ was good. When I look up the same style number on eBay there is a used one selling for not much less than I actually paid new.

    How do you suggest pricing items for sale?
  2. You can try doing a search on ebay for completed listings or sold items. From there, you can compare condition and price and maybe get a better idea of how much the wallet is really going for.
  3. Do they become worth more if the colour etc is retired?
  4. Sometimes. Sometimes not. Generally about finding the right buyer that is looking for your particular item.

    Some posters here, although that is a small minority of the ebay customer base, won't buy unless there is 30% discount from the new price.

    It's all about supply and demand. But it doesn't cost you anything for a 30 day listing so see what happens. List it at the price you want for it, after taking fees and postage into consideration, and see what happens. If it isn't bought and you don't get a single email about it then consider reducing the price.
  5. Thanks for the info! :smile:

    I am not sure what to do frankly as I was looking at eBay but now I'm thinking of not listing there due to a couple of reasons - fees being one, but moreso because the post system here has stopped doing insured & tracked shipping for international destinations. you can do insured OR tracked but not both which is painful when dealing with paypal payments.

    I have found a couple of Facebook groups for buying/selling which I may be able to use too.
  6. I would recommend listing it on eBay as domestic shipping only.
  7. I had a zippy mono wallet from 2008 that i just recently sold for $570 which i thought was a really good price. it was in great condition and there was very minor wear on the inside, none on the outside. I guess that is about 30% off the retail? When i was looking on ebay i believe they were selling for similar $ , and i knew i didn't want to go below $500. I was lucky enough to find someone to purchase it IRL so i didn't feel like i had to go higher to compensate for fees/snh etc

    id search around different websites to see what the item is going for, and as someone said list it for the amount you want that includes the cost of fees/snh. I first sent pics into fashionpile? for a quote and they were only going to give me i think $300 if i recall, there wasn't much of a difference between selling vs consignment for them either. Also not sure the price difference for you selling overseas vs what you paid, but it doesn't hurt to try. You can probably get away with selling it for closer to retail if the item is new or LE/ discontinued.