how do you where your scarves?

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  1. i only wear ponytail scarves usually, but bought a regular square scarf yesterday. Not sure how to wear it!

    how do you wear your scarves?
  2. Those type of scarves can be tied to a bag, your neck or maybe even act as a belt to jeans...
  3. tied to my tote, obloong around my head or belt, ponytail LONG scarf as belt or in hair. i haven't felt girly enough to wear them though.
  4. I wear my ponytail scarves as headbands. I have a square one that I have yet to wear. It has the hearts on it.
  5. I have the square fish one that I bought at the outlet for an incredible price. But yeah, I have no idea how to wear it.... :sad:
  6. i just now noticed i wrote where instead of wear....ooops.

    thanks ladies. i love my new blue square scarf, just not sure if i will wear it. ANd the only blue bag i have is a balenciaga and i cant tie a coach scarf to that.... or can i?
  7. ^^you definitely can! and you can certainly tie a blue scarf to a non blue bag
  8. Go for it.
  9. depends on the length of the scarf and shape :smile:

    if you have a huge one, and you're skinny enough you can even use it as a belt sash! or the current ones with beading for 98$ is definitely long enough to be a sash, replacing belts for clinching the middle

    you can also use them to tie around your wrist into a bow, i've seen a coworker do it for her ankle, she was wearing a skirt and heels. ultra cute.

    you can wear it in your hair as a band but be creative, tie a bow to the side, on top would be funny but if you can pull it can also do it behind your ponytail.

    me, the end is so long sometimes i double it from the bottom to the top and finish that off in a bow itself.

    you can also tie it to your bag, there's different ways and the coach store's visuals, if done right, you can see the different ways and get inspired/copy.

    you can also tie it around your neck, it's super classy with a cardigan, a collar shirt and skirt, etc. you get the idea..some tie it to the side, some do it in the front, if long enough you can do a knot like a men's tie (goes into the whole menswear look kinda thing, but more feminine)

    if you can't use it as a sash around your waist, for whatever reason, if you have a belt loop you can hang it off the side of that, i've only seen this done one or twice, isn't the best IMO but may work for you!

    that's about all i can think of.

    hope that helps!
  10. msflutter: If this is any help..I use the handkerchief-size (ie small) one on my damier speedy 30 and tie it on the the handles (thru the gold hardware) and tie it into a nice bow. Since its a small size, it turns out nice & cute, with the 2 'tails' of the bow hanging nicely.
    The larger scarf (this one is soft compared to the 'kerchief one) I just tie it into a knot and let is flow nicely.Normally on my taller bags like my large trigger luxe, so tt the tails dun hit the ground/tabletop. You can try tying it into a bow too but since its super soft the 2 'loops' dun quite hold its shape.
    Gosh I sure hope you know what I sorry for this long-windedness. I'll try to post pics as soon as I get home frm werk k.:shrugs:
  11. I've tried to use it as a hairband...but it always slides off...too slippery??:shrugs:
    Oh & I've seen a collegue use an Hermes twilly as a mini belt on her jeans...she loops it across 2 belt hoops and then ties a small bow. So i guess the ponytail scarf can do tt too! :yes:
    Ya know.. I've always wanted to tie it on the neck but am wary of looking like a offence pls. I guess its just the ppl here in spore.....
  12. I'm like Aarti....I'm not feeling so girly to wear it as a hair accessory. But, I do love adding them to a bag!
  13. I only wear a ponytail scarf as a headband. I've tried tying it on my bags but it never looks quite right to me!:shrugs:
  14. I wear them as headbands OR to accent one of my bags
  15. I only have a zebra pony scarf and I'm using it to tie around the bag.