How Do You Wear Your Twilly??

  1. Hi Ladies....

    I'm thinking of purchasing my first ever H product, just to get my feet wet and I'm thinking of getting a Twilly. Except, I'm not sure how I'd wear it except as a bracelet around my wrist..... any suggestions? Thanks!;)
  2. Oh, ask SimplyPrincess about Twillies and her DH ... sorry, couldn't resist. Mental picture hasn't left me in a couple days!!

    As for my twillies, I tie my hair back like a headband or around a ponytail. I also have used them to wrap around the handles of my birkin or my kelly. They also make an adorable bow to decorate said handbags. And they look really cute around my neck!
  3. I tie mine around my neck in just a simple square knot. It's great with a plain white button down shirt to jazz it up a bit--also looks cute with a cardigan or sweater set. Others tie them on their bags (I do occasionally but always take them off after like 20 minutes LOL) Hermes also makes tiny little scarf rings for Twillys--so cute.

    If you check out the "which scarf are you wearing today" thread there are literally hundreds of photos & ideas in there for how to wear scarves and twillys and other little goodies from H!

    Last but not least, welcome to the orange side!!
  4. Lisa!!! Lolol
  5. Oh also you can wrap a Twilly around a bangle bracelet--VERY cute look
  6. Thanks CYN and Oregon!!! Great ideas! I assume I can find out how to tie them (around my neck like a necklace/choker) on the "what scarf are you wearing today" thread)? I'm trying to make some small purchases to form a relationship with the store and the SA's. Thought a Twilly's a good first choice :smile: THANKS!!
  7. For tying around your neck, it's really just as simple as tying a knot. They're longer than they might look so it's super easy. The SA you meet at the store might even have a suggestion or two that we haven't thought of, if you find one on a good day when the store isn't too overrun with holiday shoppers.
    Have fun!
  8. I´m not sure but I believe it´s called a french twist?
  9. Great idea, I'll definitely ask the SA in the store. I hope she doesn't think I'm an idiot of something!
  10. Nah, she won't. Just tell her you've never spent a hundred bucks for a few inches of silk before.

    LOL--JUST kidding!
  11. Double tour round your neck, secured with a Twilly scarf ring, see my avatar.
  12. Rose ~ Gorgeous Pictures As Always!!!!!:heart:
  13. As Many Of You Know......Twillys Were My Life For Quite A While:nuts: I Hate To Say Were ~ Because I'm Surrounded By Piles Of Them!!!!!!!

    I Pretty Much Stick To ~ Two Ways. I Tie To My Bags (Not Always A Bow...Many Times I Just Tie & Let Them Hang...Well On Bigger Bags). The Other Is My Hair (My Naturally Curly Hair Which I Always Wear Straight Is Pretty Long)...So It's In A Ponytail A Lot. Again, I Just Tie The Twilly, Around The Elastic & Let The Twilly Hang On Each Side.
  14. Rose, MaiTai, and BagLuv - Thanks for the great ideas and lovely pics. I'll definitely try the ponytail holder. I don't have a bag to tie it to yet, but one day.... ahhhh one can dream!