How do you wear your Purple Bags?

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  1. Hey guys I just got a Purple Mahala, Its still on its way to me, but I am trying to imagine what I would wear with it:confused1: Up untill now I was imagining a very monochromatic palate, Then I found some cool outfits put together at Polyvore

    Here is a nice one matched up in Grey

    And another in Purple fusion:smile:

    Anymore ideas, For example what color shoes would match ?
    Or any contrasting colors that could be worn with purple to get more out of the bag, Thanks for your opinions:smile:)
  2. honestly i wear my purple bags as a neutral with my black shoes and coat (it's freezing now) or jeans. i wear it just as i would any other basic bag- except with browns. i'm weird about browns. only wear them with other brown or cream shades. hth!
  3. and congrats on the purple mahala! that's a great bag!
  4. Thanks hlfin, As of now I would probably be most comfortable with black , maybe grey, Im not sure of purple and white though:smile:
  5. Congrats! This bag is fabulous. It's a great everyday bag. I mainly wear jeans and tanks. I have j crew cardis in every color. It goes with practically every color olive, red, brown, black, grey, orange, etc. It also looks great with my leopard print tolani scarf. Red shoes, camel color boots. am just throwing some ideas out there. The combinations are endless. Enjoy:smile:
  6. wow, I love your enthusiasm, i knew id get some exciting ideas here, My mindset is too predictable and conservative , so i really want to spice up the purple. Thanks Cartucci!!
  7. You're so welcome. This is my go to bag. I absolutely love it. I'm sure you will too.
  8. I don't have a purple bag, but if I did I would wear it with most things. I think that tone and texture is more important than the actual colour.
  9. I have a friend who has a purple bag & she wears it with everything. Literally. Its her favorite, it was a gift from her fiance & she hasn't carried anything else since he gave it to her. It looks amazing!
  10. I have a purple bag and I wear it with almost everything! I avoid wearing it with orange and pink. Though, I think it could be pulled off with yellow. I'm just adverse to the combination because purple and yellow were my old high school colors and I feel weird wearing them. :P My favorite thing to wear it right with is my brown and white wrap dress. I think the trick is to not wear a ton of different colors with the purple bag. Pick a neutral, and one other non-neutral color.
  11. I think purple can actually be a neutral. I would have no problem wearing it with anything except for maybe a couple of shades of red, but that's it. Purple is beautiful!
  12. Wow!! Now I can actually see the purple going with browns and olives and greys and even white:smile: Its a Liquid patent Purple so its quite dark, I think that will add character to the outfit:smile:)
  13. I wear my purples with just about anything. Why limit yourself?
  14. Hey you think Purple bags are ok in the summer? From what I read it is a fall color, just wondering..
  15. I wear my purple bag with pretty much anything also! I just got my purple bag in the winter, so I will definitely be carrying it this summer. Unless I, of course, buy another bag for summer ;)