How do you wear your ponytail scarf?

  1. I think these are so cute everytime it comes out in the store - I never buy one though because I'm not sure how to wear it - My hair is about 5 inches below my shoulders, and when I wear a pony tail, it is always low at the nape of my neck - do you need to wear a high ponytail for this to look cute? How does everyone where theirs?
  2. A lot of the time I wear mine tied around my head like a headband with a knot at the back of my neck. Like in this picture:


    It's great for holding back your bangs, and it looks cute with sideswept bangs as well. This also works for ponytails, otherwise you can tie the ponytail scarf around your hair elastic into a bow.
  3. My hair is kinda short right now, so usually a headband if its in my hair. But they also look super cute tied around your wrist and knotted. Or tied onto a bag.
  4. we need more pictures!
    models are great...but, well, i don't look like a model with perfect hair...
  5. I use it as a headband. Sometimes after I put the scarf on as a headband, I will make a ponytail behind it. I rarely tie it in the actual ponytail. You can really get creative with them.
  6. I just always tie the ponytail scarf on one of my coach bags. But I agree with the picture, it looks cute like that (the first post)
  7. Tie it around my head like a head band with a high ponytail lol, or just as a head band, or thread the scarf through my hair up.
  8. I have pictures ;]

  9. Jadore - the scarves look fantastic on you!
  10. Jadore I can't get enough of those curls!!
  11. I wear it like a headband too.
  12. Cute!!
  13. I'll have to try wearing mine like that...Jadore your gorgeous it's looks great on you.
  14. thanks guys!,I love it alot!. I think im going to buy another one =D