How do you wear your part time balenciaga

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  1. I was wondering has anyone ever wore their balenciaga parttime cross body?
  2. I don't think that is possible, the strap is way too short. I am 5'8'', but think even on shorter ladies it cannot be worn crossbody
  3. I usually carry my part-time bags on the crook of my arm. The strap is not long enough as a crossbody bag, but if you do not mind it hanging half way on your body, you can make it a crossbody. I do it from time to time especially when I am traveling and need to have my hands free.

    I will be going on a trip soon and plan to bring one of my part-time's.

  4. My first Bal is a part time. I carry her on the crook of the arm or with the long strap on one shoulder... too short for me to do cross body.
  5. I hold it every way - hand held, in crook of arm, over shoulder with the long strap and over shoulder with short handles (outfit permitting).
    I've never tried it cross body, I think it would look wrong. I would try it if I ever get an extender strap but don't feel it needs that addition.
  6. Smart. Not sure if I can find the clasps here.