How do you wear your paddys?

  1. Just curious as to whether or not you always have the lock & key on your paddys when you wear them?
  2. I always wear them both, even though my paddies are quite heavy, thats what attracted me to the bags.
  3. ^^Me too! :tup:

  4. ^^Me three. :tup:
  5. Me four!! :p
  6. me five!
  7. I keep my lock at home if i am going to work... it just get too heavy for me...
  8. I keep the lock on but leave a lot of stuff out of the bag. Stuff that I would carry in my Balenciaga, which is much lighter!
  9. Always on - I would feel silly without it.
  10. I took my lock off my paddy when I went out today and it just didn't feel right. Don't think I'm going to leave it at home anymore!
  11. never take it off :heart:
  12. Sorry, ladies, after wearing mine for last two weekends, my padlock is coming off:crybaby:. Cannot handle it with my bad shoulder.
  13. Me too, had to ditch my paddies, could not take the weight, they are so beautiful, but that's one bag that even empty, it was too heavy for me. Re: the lock, a must for the paddy.