How do you wear your Missoni Scarves???

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  1. In a place like Florida wearing a heavy scarf almost any time of year is crazy! But a beautiful lightweight silky Missoni Scarf didn't seem like a crazy idea when I got one......but how do I wear it???

  2. I wear it with some beater tank from abercrombie with some nice jeans and an awesome bag. kinda like the way nicole richie wears it:
  3. so not wrapped around your neck? good cuz it's way to hot to do that here.
    keep the opinions coming:tup:
  4. I tie it on a purse (like VB) or wear it like nicole or as headband
  5. i think all above options sound good, that's how i wear scarves as well! also, how about just swinging it around your shoulders really loosely and wearing it as a "wrap" when it's night time and you don't want to bring a sweater!