How do you wear your messenger?

  1. Hi and sorry for my english! :smile:

    I want to ask you.. how do you wear your messenger? what do you put inside it? do you use it for the university or even for work?

  2. Thanks for the post Dav! I use mine to carry my computer at times or just papers and everything else! :yes:

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  3. I am going to move this to handbags and purses, it would fit better there for more responses! :yes:
  4. I use my messenger bags everywhere except for church and formal gatherings! ;)
  5. thanks everybody! I use my messenger for the university, for books or exercise-books, and to bring with me something to eat (a snack)
  6. I have a messenger that I use when I have lots of things to carry and I need my hands to be I end up using it a lot for travel. I love the one I have (private label Tano for Barney's) because the straps are totally flexible and it can convert to a shoulder or even a hand held bag with ease. The design is so simple that even my husband can carry the bag!
  7. I have a small messenger that I use to carry ' the essentials' when i go shopping so i can shop hands free! I definately needs hand free with 3 small boys to run after!!