How Do You Wear Your Madison Lindsey?

  1. Post a mod shot...I'm sure we can all help you keep it ! :smile:
  2. I love that look too...just my shoulder/arm gets more tired that way than directly on my shoulder. I was trying the long strap and to me my Lindsey just didn't "hang right" ...yet. Anyone know what I mean or is it just me lol.
  3. Acorn criss-cross!
  4. It sits right in the armpit, though.

    I had a large laser cut bronze Sophia that I loved. Seriously, my HG. Sadly, the color rubbed off on the bottom.. so I sent her in.. they couldn't fix her.

    I was hoping this would be a suitable replacement, but I don't know. I kind of want to see if I can find another large Sophia in a different material... but it just wont be the same, you know?

    I wish they would bring large Sophia back. She was nice and big, without being TOO big. I also don't like the way they changes the strapping on the top, I loved it at an angle!
  5. ^ This.
  6. I wear Lindsey (the plain leather) as a cross-body, on the shoulder with the short and long straps (depending on my mood/needs) and sometimes as a satchel.

    I mostly wear my gathered Lindseys as a satchel or as a shoulder bag with the short handles. I think it helps preserve the crispness of the pleats (this is just my opinion).
  7. I wear both my Lindseys and Sophias in the crook of my elbow. It took me a while to get used to doing that, I used to be a shoulder bag girl, but now I just do it automatically without thinking. I like having the long strap "just in case" it gets too heavy, but oddly enough I can't ever remember using it. I carry a LOT in my bags too, often including a full bottle of water and even a book or magazine in addition to my wallet (full of change=heavy), two packed wristlets and my organizer, 2 phones, and various lipsticks, hairbrush, pens and pencils etc in the interior zipper pocket.

    I really started carrying my Coach bags (all sophies and lindseys) on my arm like that because I feel it best shows off the bag to everyone, and I want to show off my babies!

    Now........for you girls that want the longer strap but don't like the hang of the bag, you should be able to do the same thing with Lindsey that some do with the Sophias, and that is, attach the long straps to the handle rings, one on one side and the other diagonally on the other side. The bag will hang more nicely and you can still use the shoulder strap. If you do a search, there are actually a couple of threads that have pics of how to do this with a Sophia.

    Yay! I love threads about lindseys and sophies!! And to whom ever mentioned bringing back the large Sophia.....I hear ya babe.....would be a dream come true.
  8. Most of the time on my shoulder w the two short straps !
  9. Thanks to this thread I pulled Lindsey back out of the closet and have been carrying her differently. I actually took the long strap off so I wouldn't be tempted to use it! I prefer the way she looks when carried in the crook of my arm. So off went the strap and I did away with the extras I carry so it wouldn't be so heavy. Yay for finding new love for something already cherished.