How do you wear your Madison Claire?

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  1. I recently snagged a Madison Leather Chain (Anthracite) Claire at the outlet, but I'm trying to figure out how to wear her!

    I'm a shoulder bag or crossbody girl. The Claire's short straps are fine for arm or shoulder carrying, but they don't fit on my fluffy shoulders. I can only tolerate shoulder carrying for short stretches of time. The long chain strap is too short for crossbody wear on my frame, but almost too long for regular shoulder wear. The bag swings and sways when I've shoulder carried her around the house. It's a small annoyance but might irritate me more over time if I load her up and she's banging into my side. Plus, the strap isn't adjustable. Wearing her with my heavy winter coats helps a bit with the very long drop, and she'd definitely be a winter bag. I've read about people adding clips to extend their long straps and make them more wearable crossbody-style, but this bag has the newer-style Madison clips and not the dogleash clips.

    I haven't carried her yet because I can't figure out how to carry her! I LOVE the bag's color and leather and the houndstooth lining, but I'm looking for some wearability ideas. How well does the leather "break in" over time? Does the strap stretch a bit over time, which might give it enough length to crossbody on a tall gal? Anybody own both Audrey and Claire, and which do you prefer for shoulder carrying?

    I can think of at least one advantage to the long drop. When I'm paying for my items in a checkout line, I like being able to dig into my bag, retrieve my wallet, pay and replace my wallet without having to shift the bag off of my shoulder onto my arm or set her down on the (not always clean) countertop. I can pay and go without having to remove Claire from my shoulder, which I like.

    I have another bag with a long, non-adjustable strap: my MFF Chelsea Satchel. I carried it last winter and the swing was usually manageable, but the Chelsea doesn't have as much capacity as the Claire and the Chelsea has a boxier, less flexible shape. I think it's the capacity coupled with the long strap that's got me perplexed.

    BTW, I'm 5' 9"ish and a bit fluffy.

  2. OMG - you are so NOT fluffy!!! Sorry, that's all I have add, because I don't have a Claire. I do have the tartan Spotlight from last year, but she's going bye-bye because of the same issues you're experiencing with the Claire.
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    ^ LOL JustOneMore74, my giant pants beg to differ, haha! But thank you.

    I try to branch out into different bag silhouettes, but I think I keep getting drawn back to a bag "type" because that's truly what works best for me. For example, I love the look of satchels but that carrying style doesn't work for me on a daily basis. This means my collection is heavy on the shoulder bags and hobos. OTOH, sometimes I've tried different types and things have worked out better than I could have imagined.

    Whenever I get a new bag, I try to envision how the bag might look when it's broken in, hence my general aversion to hyper-slouchy bags (how I ended up with three Brookes, I do not know :amuse:) after my experience with a droopy hobo last winter.
  4. I bought a black leather claire last year....and maybe only wore her twice because I really can't stand this doesn't feel comfortable to me
    This time for PCE I bought 3 sophias and IMO sophia and claire are almost the same...I returned all 3 and bought shoulder bags instead...