How do you wear your LV shawl?

  1. This crazy forum has me convinced that I NEED the black mono shawl to wear to a wedding on Saturdaay. I called all three stores on my island and since there are none here they are shipping one over from another island. Before I buy it I need justification that I will get a lot of use out of it. So those of you who have one please tell me how useful it is and how much you LOVE it.

    By the way, this is what I am planning on wearing: Black spaghetti strap linen dress slightly shorter than tea length, black shoes, my SOPHIE bag, and the shawl. Don't you think the shawl will look fab with the Sophie?

    Boy oh boy, my husband is going to have me committed soon or pull the interet plug!


    Oh, and thanks in advance!
  2. rileygirl just don't show it to me on sunday :sad:
  3. Haha! It is coming all the way from Maui! Should've told one of the Maui girls to get it and mail it to me. They have all the other colors at Waikiki.
  4. [​IMG]
    I have enjoyed wearing my shawl. However, one word of does pull & ravel some. Just be careful not to snag the fabric. Otherwise, no regrets.
  5. sophie looks fab with everything!
  6. Whoah! I don't know which I like more your shawl or your stephen?! Are the pulls very noticable on your black shawl? I am a very careless messy girl. I am sure to have a pull just taking it outta the package! LOL
  7. Darn you KathyD now I need the shawl and the Stephen :yes:

    rileygirl: junkenpo could've hand carried to you lol.

    another way you can wear that shawl is to get two rhinestone clip on earrings and attach it at the strap of your dress with small piece of shawl so it doesn't fall of shoulder and you don't have to worry about holding it together all the time. Has to be smooth type clip ons because of the pulls. If I end up getting one in champagne you are in big trouble girly :love: I'm telling husband it's your fault lol.
  8. Memory: The champagne is beautiful in real life. It is actually my first choice since I am a jeans and brown kind of a gal...but after I bought the black dress today I coudln't get the black off of my mind...and when I called the stores and they said there were none on island I wanted it even more!!!! This forum is the end of me! If I had the funds the Stephen would be mine!!!!!!!!!

    Get the champagne! LOL
  9. Your dress sounds cute. Cinnamon Girl? It would totally match with black LV shawl.
  10. Oh my goodness, thanks for the link. I don't know how I missed those pix (esp being on TPF 24/7). Cec, you look stunning with the shawl. Oh my, I need the black and champagne!!!!!!
  11. I have two shawls and wear them a lot.
  12. I want the shawls in Chocolat >.<
  13. I love the shawls... black is going to look simply stunning with your dress! You definitely need to post pics when it arrives.

    Everytime I go into LV I find myself fondling the shawls. They feel so lux *swoon*. Absolutely a must have for your collection!