How do YOU wear your Juicy Charms? Post Pics

  1. Great pics everyone! Such cute ideas! I am stalking a leather wrap bracelet like kayyle's......too adorable!
  2. Here's another from today...the pave pineapple!

  3. ^ Omg! That paved pineapple is huge and so delicious! Is it quite heavy?
  4. Thanks lol! And yup, it's definitely heavy, between that one and my ducks, they weigh the most. :yes:
  5. I wouldn't mind working my neck muscles out for it! It's gorgeous and looks great on you
  6. Aw, thanks!! And haha yup, heavy but definitely worth it! :p
  7. Rebecca: Your silver charm catcher inspired me to go to Target and I found the LAST gold one on sale!!! I'm so excited because the Juicy charm catchers were way too pricey, but now I finally have a way to wear my charms! :nuts:
  8. Oh good!! I'm so glad you were able to get one and I'm glad my pics inspired you hehe. It's really a cute necklace, I wore my silver one with my panda on it today and even the girl at the Juicy store complimented me on it.
  9. Kayyle you have to get that pave pineapple! It kind of knocks the other charms out of the water! It looks better in person than in pictures. I was shocked at how gorgeous it was.
  10. ^ doll I would love the paved pineapple! It's definately one I'd like to have! If only the price was right.

    Anyway I thought I would post a pic of my latest favorites :heart: ! My RM Mamm bag & the Clam charm hooked on by Juicy heart clasp keychain
    DSC09104.JPG DSC09106.JPG
  11. RE: the Juicy charm catcher. Don't forget that it comes with that pretty gold heart charm. So one is actually getting the charm catcher and a cute charm both for the money. Not a bad deal really.
  12. My toucan!
  13. ^SO cute, I love all the colors on him.
  14. Kayyle I love Mr. Toucan with your purple shirt!!
  15. Kayyle ~ Love your new toucan!

    I had to purchase a silver charm catcher from Target! All this talk about it made me need one. I got a few of their charms to put on it as well. I wish the Juicy ones were the same length. I always feel the Juicy ones are just not long enough.