How do YOU wear your Juicy Charms? Post Pics

  1. kayyle, thanks to your pics I am bidding on one of those bracelets on eBay :tup It's just lovely on you!!
  2. kay,the bracelet idea is too cute
  3. kayyle, that hand in pocket pic is one of my favourite bracelet modeing pics! btw, love your MAMM in your avatar! i briefly considered a white MAMM and a sky blue one but talked myself out of it!
  4. kayyle- Lol thanks! I'll wear just about any charm on my necklaces, whichever one strikes my fancy. I don't actually wear that one though since it's older and I don't want to damage it now! I remember someone wanted to see a pic of a couple of charms on necklaces and that was the first one I plucked out of the box. :p

    And love your modeling pics, they're so cute, especially the one with the nesting doll!
  5. Dragonette- Now I'm craving one of those paddies! Those charms look so cute on them!
  6. teehee! and here i come to enable you... this was the night i took my vermilion paddy out on a date with the hot cocoa charm! :heart:

    (had to photoshop away my messy room!)
    -1 copy.jpg
  7. Dragonette, you are soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your bag too!! I know nothing about paddy, but I may have to investigate....:wondering Hehehe.... Like I need more handbags.....

  8. You look great! Now I'm really jealous!
  9. dragonette, you are just adorable!!!
  10. aww... girls, you're too kind! :blush:
  11. Aw cute pic, dragonette!
  12. Just got my silver charm catcher from Target today so haven't worn it yet, but here it is with my panda on it (my only silver charm!).

    DSCN2649.JPG DSCN2650.JPG
  13. thank you anotheremptysky! I forgot to mention that I love your pics, your charms look great on you and on your accesories :smile:

    Deedeedelovely - thank you! This is such a light weight bracelet, I love that it doesn't get on the way

    Dragonette - thank you, I looove the MAMM! The pool and white are definately great choices. I was considering the white for a while too. You should get one! For those days you don't feel like hauling around the hefty prettysome paddys!
    Great pics too, your paddy looks so good on you
  14. Lv- thank you :smile: your charm catcher pic makes me not only wish I kept my charm catcher, now I want one in silver and wish I had a target nearby !
  15. LVBD, kayyle, thank you sweeties! :heart:

    me too! i wish there was Target in singapore! i like how these ones are a fixed circle so it doesn't spring open like the jc ones!

    kayyle, don't tempt me... yet! hehe! i'm barely coping with my paddy-obsession and charm obsession right now. but i definitely won't rule out the possibility of RM acquisitions in the future! :nuts: