How do YOU wear your Juicy Charms? Post Pics

  1. I'm new to this thread... I would like to buy a juicy charm ( legecy mitten) to attach to my wallet zipper. I"m wondering if these charms are strong sturdy? I dont a own any so any help would be great.
  2. I believe that are pretty sturdy. However constantly clanking around on a wallet is probably going to end up with some chipped paint.
  3. I agree with Watk, these charms are pretty sturdy. They are not dissimillar to the key fobs that Coach releases. Similar to the fobs, the crystals do have the possibility of coming loose and falling out, paint may be chipped, etc. if used constantly.
  4. I wear one attached to my wallet and switch it out depending on the season/holiday. I've found they hold up pretty well. I'm using the Peacock Feather on my wallet right now and it's holding up great even though it's a pretty delicate charm.
  5. the new lolly charm on one of my Balenciaga bags
    Coach and RB 026.JPG Coach and RB 029.JPG
  6. So cute! and it goes so well on your beautiful bag!

    I just went through this whole thread again because I'm looking for ideas and photos on ways to wear the charms. I've been wearing them on the charm catchers until now, but I want to try some other ways to use them.

    I know there were a couple of photos posted earlier on this thread, but does anyone else wear the charms on the bracelets? And if so would you please post a photo or two? thanks!
  7. I don't have a picture, but since about 2004(maybe 05?) I've kept my Juicy Couture diamond ring charm on my set of keys. It's super cute. It's pretty and I always get compliments for it and everyone wants to try it on their fingers lol. It's kinda old now and a bit beat up and missing a few stones, but I can't bear to change it since it's been there forever
  8. I got my first Bal and my first Juicy charm all in one week :smile:


  9. What a gorgeous combination!! Congrats on such a beautiful B-bag and such a great charm:flowers: The little Passport is such a cutie, I love the different pages.
  10. Thanks! You have a fab collection of bags and charms!

  11. Really cute!! :roflmfao:
  12. Darling!
  13. Thanks ladies :smile:
  14. Thanks everyone for your great insparation! wearing Juicy charms on handbags &/or necklace never comes across my mind and I don't own any charms cause pretty much no bracelets fits me so I didn't see a point of buying those charms. But after seeing everyone's pictures, I can't wait to collect some :p
  15. Wearing my jeweled butterfly today on my Bal Rose Work.
    RB work 024.JPG RB work 048.JPG