how do you wear your hermes scarves?

  1. always with a button down? with jackets? i have so many now but i don't know what kind of neckline they should be worn with. v necks? crew? eep. i'm lost and trying to see if there's a brand or something i can buy to go with them. help! lol
  2. Hi,

    I wear mine with all that you mentioned -- button down, jacket, jewel neck, v-neck, etc. -- as well as turtlenecks.

    Have you checked out the Playtime With Your Scarf download on the *H* site? It's under the scarf tab. Lots of great ideas there, too

  3. I love them with round or v necklines. I stay away from scarves when wearing a cropped jacket with sailor neckline/doublebreasted. But I love them with t-shirts, sweaters and blazers. Also love them as a belt over solid color dresses. Also with coats in winter the cashmere 55" ones are fab.
  4. would you wear it with a crew neck just draped around your neck? or folded a certain way? i guess i'm trying to figure out which way to tie it for what neckline? kwim? and it seems like they all look best with a button down but i only have one!
  5. hlfinn, because I wear some type of Hermes scarf nearly every day, I wear them with all kinds of necklines. I actually like them best with crew and scoop or v-necks, and also mock turtlenecks (I may be the only one who still wears these). In fact, I seldom wear a button down shirt. If you are trying to show off more of the design of the scarf, then button downs might work best, but with crew necks, I wear a lot of knot styles that are "double-wrapped", so it looks more like a wide silken choker necklace. And don't forget about wearing it as a belt and other ways besides around the neck. I find trying different ways to tie my scarves to be half the fun of owning them.
  6. interesting. thank you all!

    maggie. i think i'm going to experiment with that look tomorrow. i've tried a bunch of them (in my house of course) but not that one yet....
  7. I like to experiment, but I love to wear them folded on the V, V on my back, points draping down my front, under a sweater, soft jacket, blazer, and over a cashmere sweater or cotton T. They fold up and show a lot of detail, and end up looking like another shirt, with my lower layer peeking occasionally. You can also fold over the tails and tuck it under a V neck sweater/jacket and it kind of poofs out at the top of the sweater (if that makes sense).

    I rarely wear button down shirts, but when I do, the scarves look great with the V pointing down the chest, then points wrapped to the front and knotted.

    Getting a "how to tie your scarf" book (le carre Hermes) is also good for inspiration.

    How do you like to wear yours? That style may dictate what top you wear.

    I'm always interested to learn new ways to wear these beauties - can't wait to hear more ideas.
  8. You can also wear a pointu with the ends tied into a small knot so the body of the V hangs almost like a bib on your front. I'll do this with a tank top and throw a blazer on top and it looks good enough to get compliments from random people each time.
  9. the scarves look great with the V pointing down the chest, then points wrapped to the front and knotted.

    see that's the one i just learned and love best. but i think that might only work with a buttondown, no?

    today my mom had her's just tied in the front and she and i together figured out how to make it like a real tie. it looked amazing.

    i've been studying the downloads on the hermes site and am getting a brochure sent to me about other ways.

    i just wasnt sure what would look right with what. i guess it's all about experimentation.

    i would LOVE a pointu but i think i need to use the scarves first. i think a pointu is in many ways better as it's less bulky
  10. You can also fold over the tails and tuck it under a V neck sweater/jacket
    and it kind of poofs out at the top of the sweater (if that makes sense).
  11. Boring, I'm boring - I just fold them in half on the diagonal, and tie a square knot. Been doing that for the last 30 years or so, at least 90% of the time I wear a scarf. Sometimes I fold them on the diagonal and then fold the ends in so I have a long piece of silk that I tie like a man's tie - this works best with a jacket, I think. And sometimes I put them twice around my neck and tie the knot in front. This makes a kind of instant turtleneck, which is great in cooler weather. My mother taught me to always have a scarf to put against the collar of your good coat to keep it clean. Must say I do that a lot, too. I am too, um, well-fed now to wear them as a belt, but I used to back in the day - the thin day that is! Or as a headband. Have fun!
  12. hlfinn, I'll try to take a pic tomorrow of this style. But it's basically if you were going to tie a square knot but only did the first loop over, then you tuck the tails in your shirt/jacket/sweater.
  13. oh i think i get it. even if i don't know what a square knot is. lol

    i have a lot to learn.
  14. ok well i ventured out today in my first scarf. i'm wearing my blue one and i have it tied in a long column (you know the corners in then folded then fold again) and then around my neck and tied in a knot in front. i am wearing a grey crewneck sweater and i must say i think it looks awesome!

    the funny thing is i normally come to work with wet hair but i didn't want to get this wet so i dried my hair this morning and immediately got compliments. lol
  15. finn, congratulations on venturing out in your scarf. You must post an "Hermes in action" picture for us, please.

    A knot that looks pretty elaborate, and can be a bit daunting to learn at first but once you get the hang of it is really easy, is the "friendship knot". If you search on the web under "friendship knot", you'll find a lot of different illustrations for tying it. Here's the one I learned it from:

    A Friendship Knot

    I particularly like to wear this knot with lower scoop necks as it gives some "fill-in" to the bare space on my upper chest (at my age, its better not to show too much skin there). Although worn with a crew neck and hard to tell, this is the knot I am wearing in my "Hermes in Action" photo (post #4190 on the Hermes in Action thread).

    Enjoy your scarf!