How do you wear your hair?

  1. So how do you guys normally wear your hair? I have shoulder length hair (with layers, the girl cut it way shorter than I originally wanted) and i'm getting bored of just straightening it and leaving it down. So my question is what kind of hair styles do you guys wear during the week? Like do you guys like to leave it half way down and up or in a ponytail? Im just looking for new ideas so I wont have the same old boring hairstyle every day...
  2. Lately I've been making the little "bump" on top of my head (not as much hair pulled up as the "half-up-half-down" style), and then pull the rest into a ponytail. I have slightly wavy, medium thickness hair, but lots of it! I'm still trying to perfect the "bump". Sometimes it makes me look a bit too severe, I still need practice.

    I'll look for a picture to show you...

    Okay... like this... kinda... but not so poofy... you get the idea?


    Or sometimes I wear it w/ the "bump", but the rest of my hair loose, ala Carrie (from

  3. I blow out my hair but when I'm tired of wearing it all down, I just pin back a very small amt of the front either with 2 bobby pins or the smallest ornate jeweled jaw clip.
    If I don't have the patience to blow out my hair, I will mousse it wet and cool dry it and wear it curly with 2 pieces of the front clipped back on each side with little clips- that gives me a little girl look, but it looks cute!
    I hardly ever wear my hair in a ponytail, only to sleep.
  4. I have long hair. So either I´ll get them straightened and wear them long.
    Or high or low ponytail. I have a fringe, so I can also pin it back -like the pic of Gwen Stefani- or on side with cute hairclip.
    You can accessorize it, I like also wearing a headband.
    I also like doing a messy bun just with 1 elasticband, or like a banana chignon, you know the "chic stewartess type" ?
  5. Same way every day. Parted on side, straightened with layers. I'm not very good at styling hair sorry to say. Even straightening I could do better
  6. I have shoulder length hair. I usually pull it back into a loose ponytail or a know with a scrunchie.
  7. I used to have it up like this but it was very expensive (there was only one guy in the whole of London who could do it for me and he charged me $350 equivalent for it) and time consuming (it is very difficult to get the curl like that in the morning) so I gave up after about a month.


    Since I am now unemployed, LOL, I don't have to make too much effort so I have it straight with a semi-side parting.
  8. i have the poofest hair ever....its cut at about my jaw....i wear it down everyday....but i have to iron it flat to take away a little poofiness....its maddening!
  9. My hair is pretty long, thin and straight, I usually wear it up if I'm visiting people. Indoors and day to day it's either in two braids, just down, twisted and clipped up or a pony tail.
  10. I need some new ideas too! my hair is just long, side part, and i blow dry it straight....still don't know how to get rid of the frizz near the scalp...I think it's the way I dry my hair with the towel.

    I wanted to try curly, but i don't know how to use a curling iron. :p
  11. Mine's pretty boring, I'll just wear a low riding ponytail with a black band to make things look simple and sleek. Otherwise, it's just straight sometimes with a cute little pin holding one side of my hair.
  12. I'm a fan of the bump, too!

    Here's a pic of me when I had pink hair doing "the bump" LOL
  13. i have wavy hair... most days, i just tie it back. i'm kinda low maintenance, though...
  14. I have straight side-parted jaw length hair. sometime i use a curling iron to curl the ends under. sometimes i use large hot rollers for a fuller hairdo..
  15. I have long hair with layers. On a lazy day, I just keep it up on a ponytail.