How do you wear your full-length leggings?

  1. I recently got a pair of full-length leggings that I LOVE! They're super comfy and there's extra fabric on top that folds over so it covers my bottom. I've been pairing them with long tops and boots, but I'm wondering if any of you can give me suggestions as to other ways I can wear these leggings. Do you think long leggings look weird with regular shoes/sandals? I'd love to hear what you guys think!!
  2. i have a pair of long leggings too. i like to wear mine with a short jean or denim skirt (diffrent shades or colors) or short skirts in general. and cute longish tops. as for shoes i either go with ballet looking ones or slip on canvas vans wanna be's (from target) i feel like an 80's kid sometimes but i like the look :amuse:
  3. i dont like full-length legging unless i wear boots to cover it. i dont like it w flat or fipflop
  4. I only like it tucked into boots for myself too.
  5. i_love_yorkie and twigski-- my thoughts exactly!! I was wondering if there were other ways to pull off full length leggings, but I guess not, huh?

    NELLYBEAN-- I've seen this look on other girls and I have to say that I do like it on them. However, I tried it and the 80's look just isn't for me.
  6. Tunics & sweater dresses. I've even worn them "as pants" but with a really structured blouse and jacket...and Miu Miu booties. I have whippet thin legs, so I think I can pull it off, but I know it's not the most recommended look. I think it can look cool, though.
  7. From boots, to booties and just heels.

    I like to wear my leggings with a sweater dress, or a tunic that comes down to mid thigh or with my mini trapeze dresses...

    I also pair mine with an XL T-shirt for the gym... wear the T-shirt like a mini dress.
    I also do short shorts outside of the leggings.