How do you wear your enamel bracelets?

  1. Hi ladies, those of you who have these bracelets, do you usually wear one at a time or more than one at a time. I'm going to buy one or two this weekend and was wondering of your experiences with them. If you wear more than one at a time, do they "clang" together and make lots of noise? Do they scratched easily? TIA for your opinions.:flowers:
  2. There is a pic somewhere which shows Melania Trump (Donald's wife) wearing I think 3 of them....I only have one and love it - it's so lightweight!! I would love another actually and would probably wear them is a little scratched as expected but nothing bad...
  3. I only have one at the moment but am hoping for another one maybe for Christmas. I have worn mine every day for about five years and I love it! It has a few fine scratches on the edging but you have to look at it very closely to see them. I really would love to have two. Or three! :lol:
  4. I usually wear two narrow ones together, but only one wide one at a time. They do make some noise, but it's not loud and annoying -- it's more like a "click" rather than a "clang". They don't scratch - I've had mine for years and years and wear them all the time.
  5. I have a clic clac that has enamel in it. It scratches easily on the bottom side (esp if you are writing).
    BTW, don't wear yours camping it scratches on rock/slate really easily. I wore it for nearly three years and the only scratches is where the enamel meets the h on both sides and the bottom part.

    About the lightweight bangles they are very durable. Very rarely scratches. But watch out for your watch/timepiece may scratch if you plan to wear it on your watch "hand".

    Which ones are you looking at? :drool:
  6. my arm....
    Bracelet4.JPG Bracelet5.JPG
  7. And what a lovely arm that is...:love: I'm quite taken by that narrow band orange one!
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