how do you wear your clic clacs?

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  1. does anyone wear the wider and thinner bracelet together, or do you think this looks weird?
  2. I think it looks cool...and I wear mine like that! I also wear two thin ones together...I love clic-clacs!
  3. Have any pics of that look?
  4. I wear two narrow ones together. I loooove my Clic Clacs!!
  5. Looks fab!
  6. I wear mine wide ones on their own and the thins one mostly, too. But it's a gret idea wearing the thins together, thanks for reminding of the possibility :smile:
    I also wear my thin clic clac w/GH along with my Tiffany tag bracelet and it looks cool, too.
  7. ^I too wear my narrow clic clac with my Tiffany bracelet.

    Sometimes, I wear my two narrow clic clac's together. After a while the noise starts to bug me though. Love the narrow clic clac's.
  8. I am dying for a clic clac -- such a cool bracelet!